Vol. 8, No. 7 • July/August 2000
Internet instruction: spreading the Web
by Irene E. McDermott

INTERNET EXPRESS column relates that all reference librarians these days eventually find themselves with the responsibility of training their clients in how to use the Internet. Offers teaching advice and says that one of the most important things a trainer can do is to try and remember what it was like before knowing anything about online searching or the Internet. States that active learning is a great technique, and one of the ways to provide it is to separate a class into working groups, being sure to pair off more advanced students with beginners. Advises never to try and cram too much into one session, but pick three main points to get across. Lists educational resources such as the LivingInternet.com, a site that covers the important points in the development of the Internet and Word Wide Web; and glossaries to define Web terms, including Webopedia from PC Magazine's experts.
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