Vol. 8, No. 7 • July/August 2000
Avoiding charity fraud and misinformation from non-profits on the Internet
by Carol Ebbinghouse

THE SIDEBAR column provides an overview on avoiding misinformation, deception, and fraud in the nonprofit world, how to recognize it, and sources for more information. Says that misinformation abounds in the world of charities and nonprofit organizations. Presents a report by the Better Business Bureau that describes various apparent charities that, through misinformation, especially in chain letters or missing information, mislead those seeking to do some good in the world. Describes several ``watchdog'' organizations, including the National Charities Information Bureau, the National Center for Charitable Statistics, and the American Institute of Philanthropy. Offers remedies against possibly fraudulent charitable organizations, stating that there are several courses of action on state, federal, and self-help levels. Contains five sidebars and four screen displays.
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