Volume 8, Number 2 • February 2000
Around the world in 80 sites: international business research; part 7: Asia and the Pacific
by Sheri R. Lanza

Presents a guide to online business information resources for Asia and the Pacific. Notes that this region contains a vast mix of developing countries, very under-developed countries, newly industrializing states, and highly developed countries. Says that the Asia Society is a nonprofit educational organization focused on building awareness of more than 30 Asian/Pacific countries and although it did not prove to be as useful as hoped, it does have some redeeming features. Reports that AsiaOne is an interesting site with a variety of business and non-business information. Adds that it contains a mix of Singapore-specific and general Asian information. Lists Asian Yellow Pages directories on the Internet, and offers a sidebar that lists Chambers of Commerce. Concludes that it has taken many months, but the trip around the international business world is finally completed. Includes seven screen displays, one sidebar, and one illustration.
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