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Fulltext Sources Online Now Available on the Web and Electronically

April 30, 2002, Medford, NJ — Information Today, Inc. (ITI) announced the launch of two electronic versions of Fulltext Sources Online (FSO), joining the existing print version of the directory. FSO is now available on the Web at An electronic copy of the FSO database (FSO/e) is also available for license to organizations for internal use.

FSO Online is Information Today’s first Web-based product. The information that can be found in the print version of Fulltext Sources Online is now accessible at your fingertips on the Web. Three significant advantages of the Web version are as follows:

  • Archive URLs are hyperlinked, providing one-click access from the FSO Online site. 
  • The database is updated weekly, providing highly current information.
  • Searches for titles can be limited by language, geographic location, or aggregator. 
FSO is a comprehensive directory of periodicals that are accessible online in full text through more than 25 aggregators.  Organized alphabetically by publication title and issued semi-annually in January and July, FSO now lists more than 17,000 titles.  Subject, Language, and Location indexes are also included in the printed version of FSO. Among the many aggregator products included in FSO are Dialog, Factiva, LexisNexis, NewsBank, Northern Light, Ovid, Quicklaw, and many more. The publisher’s URL also appears in FSO, with archives noted when available on the Web.  The “Private Zone,” available to subscribers, is a list of those publications whose archives are available without charge; the list is hyperlinked so that the user can access the archives with one click.

The FSO database is also available for license to organizations.  Subscribers receive quarterly updates of the file by e-mail.   Files are e-mailed in comma-delimited ASCII format, and can be imported into virtually any database management program on the user’s system.  A one-year subscription for a single workstation license is $1,800.  For networked access pricing, please go to

The cost of a one-year subscription to the printed FSO (two issues) is $209. Web-only access to FSO Online is $249 per year, and a combined print plus FSO Online subscription is available for $299. 

Fulltext Sources Online Fulltext Sources Online

Fulltext Sources Online is published by Information Today, Inc. For more information or to order, contact the publisher directly at 800-300-9868 (outside the U.S. call 609-654-6266), fax: 609-654-4309, e-mail:, or simply click on the "Order Now" button (left). 


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