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Super Searchers Cover the World: 
The Online Secrets of International Business Researchers

Top International Researchers Use the Internet to Find Business Information Worldwide

November 5, 2001, Medford, NJ — Information Today, Inc. has announced the publication of Super Searchers Cover the World: The Online Secrets of International Business Researchers, by Mary Ellen Bates. This is the eighth title in the popular “Super Searchers” series of books edited by Reva Basch. In it, Bates asks 20 top online searchers to reveal their strategies for finding, evaluating, and using international business information on the Web.

“Before the advent of the Internet, finding the information you would need to provide a complete perspective of a country would have involved time in a library, possibly a trip to the country or region, and, often, significant time spent searching through outdated or inaccurate information,” says Factiva CEO Clare Hart in the foreword to Super Searchers Cover the World. Here, in their own words, skilled researchers from government organizations, multinational companies, universities, libraries, and research firms around the world explain how they conduct successful international business research without leaving their desks.

Interviewees from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, and the Netherlands share the secrets of researching across national borders, discussing issues such as nonnative language sources, cultural bias, and judging the reliability of unfamiliar sources. In addition, hundreds of their favorite information resources are assembled in a useful appendix. Readers are provided with hyperlinked access to all recommended Web sites through “The Super Searchers Web Page” [].

Mary Ellen Bates is the owner of Bates Information Services, providing business research to business professionals and corporate librarians.  She received her MLS from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been an online researcher in libraries and information centers since the late 1970s. She is the author of The Online Deskbook (Information Today, Inc., 1996), Super Searchers Do Business (Information Today, Inc., 1999), and Mining for Gold on the Internet (McGraw-Hill, 2000) and the co-author of Researching Online for Dummies, 2nd Edition (Hungry Minds, Inc., 2000). She is a past president of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) and is active in the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

Super Searchers Cover the World Super Searchers Cover the World: 
The Online Secrets of International Business Researchers

Super Searchers Cover the World is a CyberAge Book from Information Today, Inc. (448 pp/softbound/$24.95/ISBN: 0-910965-53-6). It is available in better bookstores everywhere, through Chicago-based trade distributor Independent Publishers Group (IPG), and by calling Information Today, Inc. at 800-300-9868 (outside U.S. call 609-654-6266); fax: 609-654-4309; e-mail:, or simply click on the "Order Now" button (left). 

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