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Information Science Abstracts (ISA) Reloaded on Dialog and SilverPlatter with New Enhancements

August 20, 2001, Medford, NJ — Information Today, Inc. announced that the Information Science Abstracts (ISA) database has been reloaded on both the Dialog and SilverPlatter information services. The new database includes enhancements such as coverage of 
e-journals, a focusing of journal coverage, new data fields, and data quality improvement.

Information Science Abstracts covers the world’s literature on information science—a field concerned with the theoretical and practical concepts, as well as the technologies, laws, and the industry dealing with knowledge transfer. Because information science is an interdisciplinary field, records in ISA are drawn from a variety of sources; at present, over 300 journals are scanned and abstracted. 

The enhancements to ISA include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of e-journals

  • ISA now covers over 20 e-journals in information science—the most coverage in the field. Titles include Ariadne, D-Lib Magazine, First Monday, Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, Journal of Library Services for Distance Education, and more.

  • Focusing of journal coverage

  • Several new journals have been added and others dropped to focus ISA’s subject coverage more directly on information science. Gaps in coverage of major journals have been filled to offer more complete information.

  • New data fields
    The following data fields have been added to the ISA database:
    Author affiliations (corporate sources) Author e-mail addresses
    Book and conference proceedings editors Conference location, date, and year
    ISBNs ISSNs for both print and electronic versions of journals
    Journal Announcement Number of pages in books and proceedings
    Publisher and place of publication for books and proceedings URLs of journals, authors, publishers, and individual papers

  • Future enhancements
    In the near future ISA will begin using the ASIS Thesaurus as a source of Descriptors, thus updating and improving this important data element. The development of a new and improved hierarchy of Classification Codes and Subject Headings to accompany the new Descriptor field is also underway.

ISA is available online from Dialog (File 202) and in both online and CD-ROM versions from SilverPlatter.

For more information or to subscribe to Information Science Abstracts contact ITI at 800-300-9868 (outside the U.S. call 609-654-6266), e-mail, or visit us on the Web at

For information on the Dialog version of the ISA database, contact The Dialog Corporation at 919-462-8600.  For information on the SilverPlatter versions, contact SilverPlatter at 800-343-0064.

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