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Editorial Peer Review: Its Strengths and Weaknesses

New book provides an in-depth analysis of the peer review process in scholarly publishing

March 28, 2001, Medford, NJ — Information Today, Inc. has announced the publication of Ann C. Weller's new book, Editorial Peer Review: Its Strengths and Weaknesses.

Prior to journal publication, almost all scholarly and research articles undergo the editorial peer review process. Editorial Peer Review: Its Strengths and Weaknesses is the first book to provide a thorough analysis of this process. It offers a carefully researched, systematic review of published studies of editorial peer review in the following broad categories: general studies of rejection rates, studies of editors, studies of authors, and studies of reviewers.

As scholarly communication continues to evolve in an electronic environment, the review process is transforming. According to Ann Weller, “This analysis of the cumulated data on editorial peer review should provide direction for shaping emerging models.” Weller believes these models will enhance the scientific communication process as it moves from a print to an electronic environment.

Editorial Peer Review is the latest monograph published by Information Today, Inc. on behalf of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST). John B. Bryans, Editor in Chief of Information Today Books, said, “Ann Weller has produced a unique and fascinating survey of an important, yet widely misunderstood process. Editorial Peer Review is not only timely, but eminently readable, and should be warmly embraced by editors, reviewers, publishers, professionals from learned societies, writers, scholars, and librarians who purchase and disseminate scholarly material.”

Ann C. Weller is Associate Professor and Deputy Director at the Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago. She conducts research on editorial peer review and has presented results of research at the first two International Congresses on Peer Review in Biomedical Publications. With Susan Y. Crawford and Julie M. Hurd, she has co-authored a previous ASIST monograph, From Print to Electronic: The Transformation of Scientific Communication.

Editorial Peer Review: Its Strengths and Weaknesses

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Editorial Peer Review: Its Strengths and Weaknesses 
Edited by Anne C. Weller

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