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From covering PCs to the

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Changing Roles at Information Today, Inc.

ONLINE, July 2000
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The March 2000 issue of ONLINE covered the changing roles of information professionals and vendors in the online information world. At the same time you are coping with the challenges of your changing roles, we've been evaluating our roles and responsibilities at Information Today, Inc.

The magazine you hold in your hands is in its 24th year of publication. In the late 70s, Publisher and CEO Jeff Pemberton had the foresight to begin two magazines and a conference dedicated to online--in the days when the Internet was only a defense and government network. ONLINE was one of the first publications to cover the Internet, running articles by Caroline Arms in 1990 and Greg Notess in 1992. Greg's column, ON THE NET, began in early 1993.

A New Editor for ONLINE

From covering PCs to the WWW to intranets, ONLINE has evolved to keep up with your changing interests. Today, the magazine looks and reads differently from those early issues, but it has consistently maintained its position as the premier magazine offering practical coverage of the trends and technology of the online industry.

Much of what you've seen and read in ONLINE over the past two years is the work of Bill Mickey, who becomes Editor with this issue. Bill brings a fresh eye and new perspective to ONLINE, which he has combined with an excellent perception about the interests of our audience of information professionals. Bill's not a librarian, yet he's shown in recent issues--such as the one on changing roles--that he's accurately tuned into the ONLINE readership. With a background in writing and English, Bill joined Information Today, Inc. five years ago as a Copy Editor and has since risen through the ranks--spending the last two years as Associate Editor. He's learned quickly from both Jeff and me, and from Marydee Ojala, Editor of EContent, about how to develop the articles and authors with the quality you expect to see in ONLINE.

A Renewed Focus

As many of you know, Information Today, Inc. has expanded its product line with conferences such as Intranets 2000, VirComm (for virtual community builders), and Buying and Selling EContent. To give all our products the attention and future development they deserve, especially the ones for our core market of information professionals, we've recently reorganized the company into three product groups.

The EContent Group will concentrate on ONLINE and EContent magazines, and the ONLINE WORLD and Buying & Selling EContent conferences--under my leadership and the continuing involvement of Jeff Pemberton. Our newly organized EContent Group has a sales, marketing, and support team dedicated to our products, in addition to its editorial staff. The other products will become part of the EMedia and Ebusiness Groups, led by Adam and Andrew Pemberton.

In the coming months, you'll see a renewed commitment to our products for information professionals, resulting in even better magazines and conferences that meet your needs. Drop Bill a note if you have article ideas or suggestions (billm@infotoday.com). And don't miss ONLINE WORLD 2000 in San Diego, where you can spend three days immersed in Content + Technology for SuperSearchers!

Letters to the Editor should be sent via email to editor@infotoday.com.

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