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In this month’s spotlight article, Paula Hane analyzes two new upgrades to
Endeca’s enterprise search products: Endeca InFront 4.0 and Endeca ProFind

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Endeca Upgrades Its Enterprise Search Products
By Paula J. Hane

Endeca, based in Cambridge, Mass., is a relative newcomer in the
enterprise search arena. The company was founded in 1999 and spent the
first 2 years or so in R&D before building a sales and marketing team for
its fledgling products. By mid-2003, the company, now up to 100 employees,
announced that, since the launch of its first commercial product, it had
done $20 million in business bookings in just 18 months.

On Oct. 1, Endeca announced version 4.0 of its two cornerstone products,
Endeca InFront, an e-commerce and catalog search solution, and Endeca
ProFind, an enterprise search solution. The upgrades offer enhanced
enterprise-class search capabilities; additional security; an enhanced
Developer Studio; new multilingual support; and Compound Dimension Search,
a patent-pending new approach to multiword queries.

The heart of Endeca’s products is its Endeca Search and Guided Navigation
engine, which combines full-text searching with navigation capabilities.
The company says that this easily integrated platform is different from
other search engines because of its ability to discover relevant
relationships in data and find accurate and precise results with
unprecedented speed.

Endeca InFront 4.0 lets businesses use the power of Endeca Search and
Guided Navigation to provide customized search to site visitors and
utilize dynamic merchandising for highlighting products on a site (to
encourage more purchases). It’s used for catalogs, directories, and
retailers. Customers include, Eddie Bauer, and PC

Endeca first launched Endeca ProFind in the third quarter of 2002. Version
4.0 offers new security features; three new adapters for increased
integration capabilities; added language support, including Japanese and
Chinese (in partnership with Basis Technology); and increased performance,
scalability, and reliability.

ProFind can handle all types of content within an enterprise, both
structured and unstructured, including databases, documents, or e-mail.
Business partners like ClearForest provide rules-based, native, entity,
and concept extraction from the content. ProFind can be integrated with
existing taxonomies. According to Endeca, ProFind 4.0 also introduces a
new patent-pending search technique that addresses multiword/natural
language queries—without the high cost of NLP setup and maintenance.

David Gourley, CTO of Endeca, said: "ProFind 4.0 is the result of
extensive research and development into what companies and business users
require to locate and access information across the enterprise, regardless
of location or format type. As a result, the new and enhanced features in
Endeca ProFind 4.0 allow businesses to search, navigate, retrieve, and use
their data in groundbreaking ways."

Last fall, Information Handling Service (IHS) Engineering adopted Endeca
ProFind. According to IHS, it has helped eliminate the "million or none"
problem in which the burden is placed on the user to describe items in a
way that’s recognizable to the system. This often results in a long list
of irrelevant results or no results at all.

"Endeca offers a comprehensive solution that combines search and
navigation—something that other vendors are lacking—allowing users to
search through our more than 1.5 million online technical information
documents and products catalogs and easily find what they are looking
for," said Randy Weil, president and COO of IHS Engineering. "We’ve seen
incredible results much faster than we had anticipated. The fact that we
were able to get up and running quickly, combined with improved user
experience and significant cost savings, is a competitive edge in today’s
economic climate."

Not the Only Game in Town
Nearby, outside Boston, another company offers what it calls its
Synchronized Search and Navigation platform. EasyAsk, a provider of
information access software for Global 2000 enterprises, recently
announced EasyAsk Enterprise 9, its platform for "unifying all forms of
enterprise content and enabling information access across commerce,
service, and decision-support activities." EasyAsk is used by companies
like Lands’ End and GlaxoSmithKline.

Also, don’t forget about some of the big-name players in the enterprise
search space that have been around longer, including Autonomy, Verity
(which purchased Inktomi’s enterprise search), Convera, and FAST (which
also purchased the AltaVista enterprise search business from Overture).
Google also operates in this market with its Google Search Appliance. None
of these companies is standing still.

It’s obviously a big need to fill (and there’s a lot of money to be made)
with the right products that do much more than just offer keyword
searching. The trend in products now is to integrate entity extraction,
linguistic technologies, taxonomies, and classification to provide better
search results with less work. So there’s a lot of room for competitors,
innovators, and upstarts.

Paula J. Hane is Information Today, Inc.’s news bureau chief and editor of
NewsBreaks. Her e-mail address is

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NewsBreaks for Monday, September 29, 2003
Moreover Introduces New Blog Monitoring Tool
By Barbara Quint

Moreover Technologies based in the U.K., has announced a new business
information service called Weblog Content Pack. The database service scans
some 25,000 Web logs (aka blogs) for enterprises eager to expand their
competitive intelligence and market research to encompass this new form of
information. The new package adds to Moreover’s Connected Intelligence
(ci) product suite. For an additional fee, users will be able to receive
near real-time (15-minute delay) updates on blog content filtered for
profiled interests through standard delivery options offered in Moreover’s
ci services.

Antarctica Upgrades Its Visual Net Software
By Paula J. Hane

Antarctica Systems, Inc., one of the leading developers of visualization
technology, has just announced version 4.0 of its Visual Net (VN)
software, which provides a map interface to information of all kinds. The
upgrades to Visual Net were aimed at maximizing the screen real estate to
put as much information at a user’s fingertips as possible, while
maintaining visual clarity and usability. The company redesigned the entire
user interface, upgraded the underlying technology, and built in additional
interactivity. The changes made by Antarctica position the product to handle
the key business issues and data complexities of large enterprises—a market
it is now heavily targeting.

NewsBreaks Weekly News Digest 
Stellent Releases Content Management 7.0
Stellent, Inc. announced the release of Stellent Content Management 7.0.
The company says this new version provides the only solution supporting
each aspect of content management within a single, common product

CISTI to Offer Secure Web Delivery of Documents
The Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information announced it
will launch a new delivery method in December 2003. Secure Desktop
Delivery (SDD) will enable Web delivery of copyright-cleared electronic
documents directly to the end user. According to CISTI, clients have been
asking for electronic delivery for years, and CISTI now has the technology
and agreements in place to make this possible.

Company Dossier Now Available in LexisNexis Academic
LexisNexis U.S. has announced the release of LexisNexis Company Dossier
into the academic market. The research tool has been available to the
corporate market and LexisNexis has now expanded its availability to the
academic sector.

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October 14-16

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principles and fundamentals, author Heting Chu first reviews key concepts
and major developmental stages of the IRR field, then systematically
examines retrieval techniques, models, and Internet systems. Chu explains
the retrieval of multilingual, multimedia, and hyperstructured
information; explores the user dimension and evaluation issues; and
analyzes the role and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in IRR.
Meticulously researched and organized, the book is designed as a guide for
developers and users of information retrieval systems and as a textbook
for scholars and students in library and information science.

"Professor Chu has done an outstanding job dealing with virtually all
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output activities, and not neglecting the historical context," said F.W.
Lancaster, Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois Graduate
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