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This month, in our NewsLink Monthly Spotlight, Marshall
Breeding takes a look at some portals that have sprung up to
serve the library community. This is also a busy month in the
conference calendar. Besides Information Today's own
events, the annual conferences of the PLA and AIIP
(Association of Independent Information Professionals) are
rapidly approaching. This is the beginning of a busy spring
for library show goers and exhibitors. We hope it is
productive as well.

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Spotlight on Library Portals and News Sites
By Marshall Breeding

Portals seem to be sprouting all over the Web these days.
Not surprisingly, a number have emerged under the library
theme, among them LibraryHQ, which I reported on 2 weeks
ago in a February 14 NewsBreak
Some aim directly for librarians, while others target the much
larger audience of library users. This monthís NewsLink
Spotlight highlights some of these library-oriented Web

As noted in my NewsBreak, LibraryHQ (
is a new commercial endeavor that aims to be a Web portal
for librarians. Billing itself as offering "resources for the
wired librarian," it contains resources of special interest to
the profession, including news items, threaded discussion
forums, a database of cataloged Internet resources, and
resources on library automation and digital library
technologies. With financial backing from SIRSI Corp. and
CEA Capital Partners, the site is currently focusing on
building interesting content as it develops a business model
to sustain the site.

LibrarySpot ( is a commercially
developed information portal developed by StartSpot
Mediaworks, Inc. This company develops portals for a variety
of consumer groups, or vertical markets. LibrarySpot brings
together a wealth of resources under the general headings of
libraries, reference, and reading room. Under each of these
categories, visitors to the site will find a number of selected
resource lists. LibrarySpot does not provide original content,
but selects and organizes resources in a way specially tailored
for the library user or library worker. The site presents banner
ads on each resource page.

Auto-Graphics, a veteran library automation and publishing
company, recently launched its
spin-off and Web site. LibraryCardís mission is to "make
bibliographic and other reference-type information and
services available to the public." The site presents well-organized
lists of relevant Web-based resources for a large variety of
reference topics. According to the "company information"
page on the site, plans soon to incorporate
various e-commerce capabilities, offering products and services
of interest to its library-oriented audience.

Another worthy library portal site is the Librariansí Index to
the Internet ( This site currently provides
access to about 5,800 resources, and is maintained by a team
of 95 California librarians. The site traces its beginnings to
1990 as a listing of Gopher references. This evolved into
Berkeley Public Library Index to the Internet by 1993, and it
eventually migrated to the Digital Library SunSITE at Berkeley.
The site benefits from a grant funded by the Federal Library
Services and Technology Act awarded by the California State

Along the same lines, there are also new sites emerging that
specialize even more than the portals, focusing directly on
presenting news and current information in a given field.
These sites have recently become known as "Weblogs."
This relatively new genre of Web media lists and describes
events related to a particular area of interest. Current
information is the hallmark of a Weblog, and most are
updated daily. Lots of Weblogs have sprouted for the library
crowd, including these: Liblog,
a library Weblog created and maintained by the Redwood
City, California, public library that focuses on "current Web
sites and stories dealing with the interface between technology
and libraries"; AcqWebLog
which chronicles events related to library acquisitions and
publishing; (, published
by librarian Jessamyn West and presenting another detailed
account of library-oriented news.

LISNews ( is a new site that offers news
and feature stories related to libraries and information science.
LISNews launched in November 1999 and already underwent
a major redesign just last month. Unlike other library-oriented
Web sites, LISNews does not attempt to list all library-related
resources on the Web, but focuses on delivering up-to-date
news. The site contains content from a variety of sources,
including summaries created by LISNews staff and links to
full-text stories from online newspapers and publications.
This site also includes a regularly updated poll that queries
visitors on their opinions on timely topics, and forms for
contributing stories or story ideas. The site is archived and
indexed. The business model of LISNews isnít readily apparent.

All these sites work hard to attract the library-oriented visitor.
As with the general search-engine and Web portals, enjoy the
content of the site, but beware of any subtle (or not-so-subtle)
slant of content driven by underlying business interests.

Marshall Breeding is the technology analyst at Vanderbilt
Universityís Heard Library, a columnist for Information
Today, and a writer and speaker on library technology issues.
His e-mail address is

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By J. A. Hitchcock takes the old-fashioned values of New
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Conference Update: Computers in Libraries 2000
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