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Volume 16, Nos. 2/3 • Mar/Apr 2002
• Special Announcement •
Big News About MLS!

This issue brings big news about the MLS newsletter! This year, starting with this issue, you'll get Marketing Library Services every other month. We think that you'll be pleased with this regular schedule because it's easier to keep track of than the previous eight-times-per-year schedule. So as you can see above, this issue covers not just March, but now covers March/April.

Rest assured that this change in frequency will not mean that you'll get fewer articles or lower-quality information. Quite the opposite: Now we can deliver more articles and have more time to plan between issues and to round up the latest marketing stories.

So that you readers--and your serials librarians--understand, let me spell out the new publishing schedule for you. While you will now get MLS every 2 months, we will continue to number it as eight issues per year because some issues will be bigger to ensure that you still get the same number of useful articles as you have in the past.

Our former frequency was:

January/February, # 1
March, # 2
April/May, # 3
June, # 4
July/August, # 5
September, # 6
October/November, # 7
December, # 8

Our new frequency is:

January/February, # 1
March/April, # 2 & 3
May/June, # 4
July/August, # 5
September/October, # 6 & 7
November/December, # 8

We are glad to keep bringing you the one newsletter in the industry that is devoted to library marketing ideas. MLS will continue to be your premier source for marketing trends and information, and it will continue to deliver the content you've come to rely on—intriguing cover stories, special reports from conferences, useful how-to articles, ideas for programs and events, reviews of pertinent books and tapes, news, and our new column called Customer-Based Marketing. And keep an eye out for notices of special extra content that may appear only on our Web site!

Thank you for subscribing to Marketing Library Services. As always, feel free to contact me with thoughts and ideas. You're always welcome and encouraged to share your success with MLS.

—Kathy Dempsey, Editor

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