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May 2, 2001 issue of CIO Magazine ( features 2 articles worth clicking to:

"One Is Not Enough: Corporate portal strategy is shifting from all-in-one enterprise portals
to smaller, multiple portals," by Jon Surmacz

"The Knowledge Crunch," by Esther Shein, featuring Frito-Lay’s case study, and including a mini-article, "The Skinny on KM Portals"

"Intranets Save Time- But for Whom?" Jakob Nielsen, noted web usability guru, talks about how companies are losing millions of dollars because of poor usability. 04/09/2001

Once again, Inmagic, Inc. has sponsored a valuable white paper, free for the click Written by well-known intranet consultant, Howard McQueen, Maximizing the Power of Your Intranet: Procurement, Content Management, e-Communications is described as providing "a clear, concise explanation on how you can add core values to your intranet by maximizing the new generation of e-information available…how to implement Howard's flexible and robust 7-Layer intranet model."

Jakob Nielsen, web usability guru, has a new article in April 9, 2001 Business 2.0, "Intranets Save Time – But for Whom?"

News & Products
Intranet Design Magazine: IT Advisor
The very current Intranet News section of Internet.Com and
Both from CIO Magazine’s, one of my favorite sites Your Portal Authority for Enterprise Information Portals.

— This has direct links with Traffick. Sponsored by Brio Technology, the Brio press release describes it as industry's first comprehensive web site for corporate portals, developed to meet the research needs of managers and executives responsible for portal initiatives.
Traffick, the Portal Portal: A wealth of information about portals.
Traffick: The Guide to Portals. Includes e-mail updates from The Traffick Weekly Newsletter; Traffick Directory of annotated links plus reviews and comparisons of public portals.
Oracle-Portal-to-Go: Enables site developers to provide Web content to wireless devices
Kandasoft: Builder of custom vertical and corporate portals:
Worth having a look at for their customizable EIP
The 50/50 Best Internet & Intranet Sites, featured in July 1,2000 issue of CIO magazine
Network World Fusion features Steve Blass, a network architect at Sprint Paranet, in a regular "Dr. Intranet" column answering intranet questions ranging from converting HTML to WML, to recommendations for e-mail virus scanning software for the gateway
Preliminary results of Phase 5’s 3rd annual survey of information professionals is now available, with some interesting findings regarding intranet involvement and roles
Intranet Benchmarking Association. Investigates the whys and hows of creating company intranets, probing areas such as communications benefits, productivity, reducing costs, etc.
Intranets in the Newsroom; News Libraries Develop INTRANET Access to Resources and Services
The Complete Intranet Resource

Knowledge Management
Carl Sveiby's Web site with invaluable articles and links, including one to "Beyond Knowledge Management: Beyond Knowledge Management: New Ways to Work and Learn," a report by the Conference Board featuring case stories and experiences from 12 pioneering companies.
KMWorld Magazine Online, with weekly news updates
KMWorld Weekly Newslinks: subscribe for weekly e-mail updates
American Productivity and Quality Center offers a newsletter highlighting their latest reports, some of which you can access sections for free, and upcoming seminars, many of which focus on knowledge management
"Knowledge Management for E-Business Performance," by Yogesh Malhotra in Information Strategy, The Executive’s Journal, v 16(4) Summer 2000, pp.5-16.
The Knowledge@Wharton Newsletter is a free service of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is sponsored by Ford Motor Co., McKinsey & Co. and Merrill Lynch
Context: Business Strategies for the Digital Age; a unique consulting firm publication, nominated for an "excellence" award for its editorial content by New York-based American Society of Magazine Editors
by IDG Canada is not just Canadian. Their weekly e-mail newsletter is a good source for recent information on intranet and extranet-related articles and news releases.  Check out the White Papers section.

Information Architecture & Site Quality
39 links to Information architecture IA is closely tied to usability. In any hypertext environment, structure is important to navigation and usability.
The Information Architecture Guide, with resources related to the topic, including references to books, articles, and Web sites. Created by the former Argus Associates, an information architecture consulting firm
Jakob Nielsen’s bi-weekly Alertbox column on Web usability. Nielsen is widely regarded as the world's leading expert on Web usability

Net Mechanic, which takes any website, page or web product and tells you how it will work in various browsers and browser versions

Bookmarklets, which, for free, checks links and other items using a small piece of java script that is stored as a bookmark. No downloads or installed software are required.