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Volume 19, Issue 8 — September 2002
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Nstein Launches News Nserver, Issues License for CAI Tools

Nstein Technologies, Inc. has announced that it has released News Nserver, an automated indexing product that's targeted to news publishers. The company also announced that it has issued a software license to MEI for its Nserver Suite and Taxonomy Builder computer-aided indexing (CAI) tools.

News Nserver
According to the announcement, Nstein's News Nserver will offer significant productivity gains for news agencies that currently tag their critical information manually. This solution, which is tailored specifically to newspapers, news wires, and news e-publishers, will allow them to produce and distribute information faster, in greater volumes, and with high precision and reliability.

"News Nserver marks a profound step forward for news publishers to be able to automatically categorize their vast stores of documents. It enables customers to quickly and easily pinpoint material using the IPTC [International Press Telecommunications Council] taxonomy," said Nstein president Randall Marcinko. "Our customers can gain access to this highly cost-effective solution as a stand-alone purchase or through our ASP model to realize an immediate return on their investment."

According to the announcement, News Nserver adds significant value to IPTC's widely used subject hierarchy. Since Nstein's proprietary Linguistic DNATM technology is incorporated into the application, documents can be indexed based on IPTC terms. The server will additionally tag documents based on concepts, concept clusters, and proper names.

News Nserver performs the following functions:

  • Intelligently tags and exposes the most relevant concepts in a document without the use of pre-defined dictionaries
  • Automatically categorizes documents according to the IPTC subject taxonomy
  • Finds and extracts proper names—people, geographic locations, and company names—based on linguistic and semantic algorithms, thus eliminating the need for pre-defined dictionaries
  • Summarizes single or multiple documents, giving users quick reference and research tools
News Nserver currently runs in English, French, and Spanish, and by the end of the year will be available in additional languages, including Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish.

CAI License
MEI is a leading provider of services and software development to publishers that are seeking to convert from a print to an electronic environment and/or to increase their e-publishing sales. It will use Nstein's CAI tools to custom-build taxonomies for its customer base.

"This agreement will expose our high-performance, automated indexing tools to e-publishers that to date have not had the document volumes to justify purchasing their own license," said Marcinko. "Through an ASP like MEI, smaller e-publishers can now receive the high-quality, high-precision indexing that in the past were only available to larger organizations. This lets customers use computer-aided indexing within a 'pay-as-you-go' business model, removing the barrier of initial capital expenditures and allowing Nstein to serve the entire spectrum of e-publishers."

Source: Nstein Technologies, Inc., Montreal, 514/908-5406;

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