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Volume 18, Issue 8 September 2001
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TheScientificWorld, Inc. Announces New Online Services

TheScientificWorld, Inc., a company that delivers research information to the scientific community, has announced new features on its commercial Web site ( that offer integrated access to scientific information, resources, and tools designed to enhance scientific and medical research. The upgraded site now provides new content, additional linking and search capabilities, and enhanced design and navigation.

"We are pleased to offer this enhanced Web site to the world's 5 million scientists," said Eric Tomlinson, CEO and co-founder of TheScientificWorld, Inc. "It is true, of course, that scientists already are utilizing the Internet to access information and products that they need to perform their jobs. However, most of their applications are stand-alone programs, and their information sources are spread out across many different Web sites....

"Consequently, many universities and corporations subscribe to hundreds of scientific journals and store print copies at multiple library sites in various locations around their campus or in company sites at different cities and countries," Tomlinson said. "We believe we can begin to capture a significant share of the existing $7 billion market segment for scientific research information by using Web technology to offer our customers breakthroughs in cost, convenience, and speed of delivery of scientific research."

The new features on the upgraded Web site include the following:

  • sciBASE, TheScientificWorld's core scientific information-retrieval service, enables scientists to search the world's scientific bibliographic information dating back to 1965 and to purchase articles online. The 19 million document records from over 30,000 journals now covered by sciBASE include more than 200,000 additional abstract records dating back to 1984 that have been derived from the life science database PASCAL. As a further enhancement, sciBASE search results now incorporate author links, which enable sciBASE users to rapidly find other publications by the same author.

  • TheScientificWorldJOURNAL, the company'sonline publication for scientific research, plans to publish peer-reviewed articles from over 200 fields in life and environmental sciences. TheScientificWorldJOURNAL is now searchable as part of sciBASE for easy location and purchase of published articles. All literature citations in works published in TheScientificWorldJOURNAL are now linked to the original literature via sciBASE for ease of location, abstract viewing (where available), and, if required, online purchase. Articles published in TheScientificWorldJOURNAL are targeted to other interested scientists through the company's alerting service.

  • TheScientificWorld's newsLAB has been enhanced with over 200 additional news categories to allow users to create a personalized news page of scientific and world events. newsLAB now includes a Corporate Lookup tool to locate business information on publicly traded companies (i.e., company profiles, stock prices, SEC filings, and comparative competitor information).

  • A new design to the home page provides clear descriptions and navigation to all products and services, including the status of both article and meeting alerts and purchases.
Source: TheScientificWorld, Inc., Boynton Beach, FL, 561/742-0068;
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