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Volume 18, Issue 8 — September 2001
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Clickability Introduces New Online Reporting System for Publishers

Clickability, Inc. has announced the launch of Clickability Interactivity Reports, its advanced online reporting system. Clickability Interactivity Reports, the latest addition to the company's suite of Web-based tools, supplies online publishers with information about the way readers interact with content. Accurately measuring interactivity enables online publishers to identify their most vital content, understand reader preferences, and target better CPM (cost per thousand) rates for ad revenue.

Clickability builds, syndicates, and manages interactive Web-content saving, sharing, and printing tools for Web publishers. Its suite of tools has been selected by over 70 publishers, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN Interactive, Fast Company, and Popular Mechanics.

Clickability's Save This, E-mail This, Print This, and Most Popular tools provide the foundation for the Interactivity Reports that track and analyze readers' intent-based actions. Clickability Interactivity Reports are accessible via the Internet and provide customers with flexible reporting around save, e-mail, and print activity occurring on their site. According to the announcement, the report's advanced comparison module enables customers to quickly and easily conduct trending and drill-down comparisons of articles or sections within their site. With built-in export functionality, all data can be easily exported as a comma-delimited file for use with most spreadsheet and database software applications for additional analysis.

"Clickability's advanced reporting tool provides Atlantic Monthly with a deeper understanding of traffic patterns—not only around the pieces of content that are being saved, printed, and recommended by readers, but we can also see how much traffic is being directed to the site via content-based referrals," said Steve Hull, seniorvice president of Atlantic Monthly. "This type of detailed reporting gives us a far more sophisticated understanding of our readers' preferences. With an ability to measure traffic beyond page views or unique user metrics, we gain vital insight into which content pieces are smart and exciting enough to elicit a reader's response."

"Clickability Interactivity Reports are the natural next step in the evolution of publishing psychographics," said John Girard, co-founder and CEO of Clickability. "In the early days of publishing, magazines spent a lot of money to gain insight into a small portion of their readership and then extrapolated that behavior to the larger group. With the advent of online publishing, publishers conducted log-file and click-stream analysis in an effort to understand what caused users to click. With interactivity metrics, Clickability's reports raise the metrics bar as the most sophisticated way to measure, compare, and forecast content value."

Source: Clickability, Inc., San Francisco, 415/575-5125;

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