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Volume 17, Issue 8 • September 2000
Gale Group Launches Worldmark Yearbook 2000 Hybrid Product

Gale Group, a unit of the Thomson Corp., has announced the launch of its first print and online hybrid product. A free online service designed for purchasers of Worldmark Yearbook 2000—a three-volume reference set devoted to profiling the countries of the world and chronicling their major economic and geopolitical news of the year—will support the print set.

“We’re offering our customers the best of both worlds for one price,” said Donna Coleman, Gale’s print marketing director. “This product gives the convenience and portability of print with the searchability and multiuse access of electronic.”

Worldmark Yearbook Online contains all the information found in the print version, with the additional conveniences of online searching, networking, and remote access. Worldmark Yearbook Online will be updated throughout the year to provide the most current information available.

Both the print and online versions of Worldmark Yearbook capture and report basic geopolitical and cultural information on and news from 229 countries and territories. That information is organized in Worldmark’s renowned, consistent rubric system, making it easy to find specific information and make comparisons between countries. The Yearbook digests critical world geography information that’s often scattered. For example, maps, flags, seals, and a timeline of recent events accompany each country profile. Additionally, the Yearbook 2000 includes a broad survey of the year worldwide.

According to the announcement, Gale Group will leverage Worldmark Yearbook Online’s Web environment with the launch of release 1.1, which was expected to happen in the summer. That version will include statistical surveys and the link to their sources, providing additional information.

Source: Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, 800/877-GALE;

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