Information Today
Volume 17, Issue 8 • September 2000
Bell & Howell Information and Learning Unveils ProQuest 4.0

Bell & Howell Information and Learning has announced the release of ProQuest 4.0, its online information research system. According to the company, the most significant addition to ProQuest is a new, intelligent document-linking capability called IntelliDocs, which allows users to reach beyond database resources to find information in a wide range of selected sources.

“The IntelliDocs feature greatly expands the amount of information available to searchers,” said Todd Fegan, vice president of ProQuest product management. “People, places, and companies are highlighted in the full text of articles found in ProQuest. When users click on these words, they are immediately linked to a suite of additional reference sources such as the OPAC, encyclopedia content, and relevant sites on the Web. With IntelliDocs, we are integrating highly relevant information and providing this additional content in a process that will be intuitive and useful to the end-user.”

Sources include World Book Encyclopedia, Best of the Web (relevant sites on the Web), company profiles from Dow Jones, and the library’s local OPAC. These sources provide relevant content with high editorial value. More quality sources will be added in the coming months to expand the knowledge base available to ProQuest searchers.

IntelliDocs is available to ProQuest subscribers as a service enhancement. In its initial release, IntelliDocs can be activated for general-reference databases, such as ProQuest Research Library, ProQuest Discovery, and Periodical Abstracts.

A number of changes to ProQuest’s user interface will simplify searching and enhance capabilities. Updates include the following:

Source: Bell & Howell Information and Learning, Ann Arbor, MI, 800/521-0600, 734/761-4700;

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