Information Today
Volume 17, Issue 8 • September 2000
Oak Technology Developing Embedded Solution for CD Recording

Oak Technology, Inc., a provider of embedded solutions for the optical-storage and digital-imaging markets, has announced that it’s developing a chip-based solution that will provide technology protection against illegal reproduction of copyrighted materials.

“As the dominant provider of compact-disc-recording controller and software technology for six of the top seven CD-RW drive manufacturers, Oak recognizes the need of content owners delivering CD-based products to guard their copyrighted materials,” said Young Sohn, president and CEO of Oak Technology. “We are enhancing CD-RW drive electronics to facilitate the protection of CD-based content. This chip-based approach at the controller level offers greater protection than media-based options, which are more susceptible to hacking or reverse engineering.”

According to the announcement, the new technology allows users to read and record CD content and enhances the PC user’s music experience, while precluding unauthorized distribution of music files through the Internet.

Source: Oak Technology, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, 408/737-0888;

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