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Volume 18, Issue 9 October 2001
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Surpass Software Unveils Version 3.0 of Surpass Central and Surpass Safari

Surpass Software has announced the release of version 3.0 of Surpass Central and Surpass Safari, the core components of the Surpass library automation family of products. New features include cataloging templates, See and See Also cross-references, integration features for users of Scholastic's Reading Counts software, and the ability to send patron notices via e-mail.

According to the announcement, Surpass Central's use of cataloging templates will make data entry even easier for Surpass users. Templates are provided for various material types, including video and audio recordings, atlases, computer software, kits, and serials. When the user opens a template, Central automatically selects the most common fields for the type of media selected. Central even adjusts field names when the change is useful for entering materials of that type. For example, though MARC 928b field data is most commonly "publisher source," Central changes the field label to prompt the user for "producer or distributor" when accessing the video catalog template.

Surpass Central boasts a flexible patron notices feature that offers the ability to save customized versions of notice text. Patron records chosen for notices can be defined by placing conditions on patron fields. Central version 3.0 has enhanced notices with the addition of an e-mail distribution capability. According to the company, users will find it helpful and economical that Central is easily configured to send an e-mail notice to patrons with an e-mail address and print a notice for other patrons. E-mail notice delivery is available for overdue, fines, delinquent, reserve, and password notices.

Surpass Central 2.0 brought the ability to enhance MARC records with Accelerated Reader program information. Central 3.0 extends its capability to users of Scholastic's Reading Counts. Though some automation companies require a fee for a special service to enhance holdings records, this feature has been built into Surpass Central. At no extra cost, Central users can quickly import a list of Reading Counts or Accelerated Reader tests. Central smoothly enhances the MARC records for those resources.

Also new to Surpass Central 3.0 and Safari 3.0 is the use of See and See Also cross-references. These cross-references appear with results of subject or author searches in the Safari catalog. Surpass comes with a starter set of cross-references that users can edit, delete, or add to.

Surpass 3.0's many other enhancements and updates include the capability to print catalog cards (ideal for small libraries still maintaining card drawers), easily enter Web sites to MARC records (the URL can even be automatically captured from the URL field of an open browser), print receipts for lost materials collections, adjust margins and font size on printed spine labels, and automate database maintenance scheduling.

Source: Surpass Software, Calhoun, GA, 877/625-2657;

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