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Volume 19, Issue 10 November 2002
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CrownPeak Introduces Publisher Advantage

CrownPeak Technology, a content management application service provider, has announced the release of Publisher Advantage, a special publishing-industry edition of Advantage CMS, its flagship ASP-based content management solution.

Developed in response to the specific needs of the publishing industry, Publisher Advantage offers the following capabilities:

  • Greater user manageability and control over content and digital assets
  • Infinitely configurable work flow
  • Improved proofing tools
  • Integration with ad-serving components
  • E-mail newsletter creation and management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Increased report-management capabilities
  • An exclusive "content similarity engine"

According to the announcement, work flow is expanded significantly in Publisher Advantage, which features unlimited flexibility within work-flow and approvals configurations. The system supplies editors and content authors with tools to manage the collaborative editorial process online. These tools allow page notations, expanded task management, ad hoc routing, parallel and serial approval processes, and nesting work flows within the content management system.

Publisher Advantage gives clients expanded control over content, letting them proof, monitor, and develop usage reports and track links across the site. The Link Checker function automatically notifies users about broken links. In addition, Report Writer maintains detailed records and statistics for monitoring purposes.

Publisher Advantage also features expanded proofing capabilities. Visual Versioning enables content authors to visually compare two forms of the same document. The documents are marked with redlined cross-outs and different-colored text for revisions. Real-time spell checking allows writers to verify spelling against an embedded 250,000-word dictionary, as well as add their own words. In addition, Publisher Advantage delivers major enhancements in the areas of directory management, e-mail marketing, and ad serving.

Source: CrownPeak Technology, Los Angeles, 310/577-5850;

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