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Volume 18, Issue 10 — November 2001
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SIRS Launches eCurriculum Tool

SIRS Publishing, Inc. has announced the launch of its eCurriculum educational tool. According to the company, SIRS eCurriculum provides cutting-edge content with state-of-the-art technology to create a citizenship curriculum that emphasizes reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills.

Utilizing an e-textbook that supplements other textbooks, SIRS eCurriculum links users to information from SIRS' databases and Web sites.

Developed for students at adult reading level (8th grade or higher), this product, which aligns with National & State Curriculum Standards, provides continuously updated content, an online educator's guide, a user's guide, e-mail communication capabilities, and research tools. SIRS eCurriculum's other features include graphics, full-text articles, documents, a glossary, a dictionary, and statistics.

SIRS eCurriculum allows users to assimilate their research within the textbook to create their own e-book. According to the announcement, this personal archive becomes a diary of the user's educational experience while promoting lifelong learning skills and problem-solving techniques.

SIRS eCurriculum lets educators customize the program as a supplement to an existing textbook or curriculum, or use it as a stand-alone reference. National and state standards have been analyzed by SIRS' staff, and the e-text is aligned to these standards. Links to state Web sites containing standards are also provided.

SIRS eCurriculum is integrated with SIRS Knowledge Source. Both are continuously updated as new articles and primary sources are added to SIRS databases—SIRS Researcher, SIRS Government Reporter, and SIRS Renaissance. According to the announcement, this updating provides an improvement over print textbooks and curricula, which are often outdated by the time they go to press. Immediate access to timely information, including hourly up-to-date news items, provides students and educators with current content material.

The first e-book in the series, What Citizens Need to Know About Government, includes basic concepts and structure of the discipline while providing a basic understanding of today's issues. The e-book is organized by chapter and offered in two formats. The HTML format allows users to dynamically link to resources and enlarge graphics. HTML assures cross-platform and -browser compatibility and compliance with the strictest accessibility standards. The second format, Adobe PDF, can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and allows easy printing of typeset pages for off-line reading. It also lets users add on-screen notes.

Source: SIRS Publishing, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 800/232-7477;

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