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Volume 17, Issue 10 • November 2000
Yamaha Introduces External FireWire 8x CD-RW Recorder

Yamaha Corp. of America has announced the release of the CRW8824FXZ external CD-RW recorder with IEEE 1394 FireWire Interface. According to the company, the increasingly popular 1394 standard has a broad bandwidth and is quickly becoming the ideal choice for bidirectional transfer of large amounts of digital audio and video data between electronic devices, including computer peripherals.

According to the company, this portable unit is the first external recorder to rewrite CD-RW discs at 8x speed, doubling the current standard of 4x and cutting the required time to rewrite a CD-RW disc in half. In addition, the CRW8824FXZ allows users to rip audio CDs at 24x—up to three times faster than conventional CD-RW recorders currently in the marketplace. (Ripping is the process of converting CD music tracks to WAV and MP3 files for creating music CDs on a PC.)

According to the company, with the Fire-Wire interface, there’s no need to convert digital data into analog for better signal integrity. The CD-RW drive can be added to and removed from a system without powering down while the bus is still active. And, unlike the legacy serial interface, Fire--Wire supports free-form daisy chaining and branching for peer-to-peer implementations, allowing any two devices in the chain to transfer data to each other. FireWire also supports a tree (parallel) connection of devices. With its small, thin-serial cable, the unit replaces bulky, expensive interface cables required for SCSI or parallel connections.

The CRW8824FXZ is designed for both PC-compatible and Macintosh platforms. The external unit can be easily attached and detached, and may also be used with several computers in a work environment without installation difficulties.

According to the company, the CRW-8824FXZ uses high-performance 8x CD-R and CD-RW media for optimum recording. While blank 8x high-performance CD-R discs are widely available in the marketplace, Yamaha and other leading manufacturers have introduced a new breed of rewritable media, capable of reliable 8x rewriting at a cost only slightly higher than 4x-certified CD-RW media.

The external CRW8824FXZ joins the internal format ATAPI (E-IDE) CRW8824EZ and Ultra SCSI CRW8824SZ, and the external Ultra SCSI CRW8824SXZ as the fourth product in Yamaha’s new family of CRW8824 CD-RW Recorders.

The CRW8824FXZ CD-RW recorder is available to resellers through a variety of major computer distributors, and to consumers through mail-order catalogs, Internet resellers, and major computer retailers. In the U.S., the retail version is available directly from and only through Yamaha’s Consumer Products Division and includes a software bundle that features, among other things, Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator, Direct CD, and Toast.

Source: Yamaha Corp. of America, Buena Park, CA, 714/522-9011;

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