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Volume 17, Issue 10 • November 2000
Ricoh Launches New Combination Drive, Online Store

Ricoh’s Disc Media and Systems Center Division (DMS-C) has announced the release of its MP9120A CD-R/RW/DVD-ROM combination drive. Ricoh DMS-C has also announced the launch of its Ricoh online store (

Priced at $349, the MP9120A (ATAPI) has 12x CD-R and 10x CD-RW recording speed, 32x CD-ROM, and 8x DVD-ROM read speeds. Ricoh is one of only three companies manufacturing combination drives; the remainder of the drives are sold through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The MP9120A will be available through Ricoh’s new online CD store (, other major retailers, e-tailers, distributors, and through OEM channels.

Targeted toward mid- to high-end audio, multimedia, and other users with drive-speed concerns, the MP9120A includes new Just-Link error-prevention technology. According to the company, Just-Link automatically prevents buffer underrun errors by predicting them before they occur. This intelligent JustLink technology suspends writing when an error detection is predicted and automatically resumes when enough data has accumulated to prevent an underrun.

Ricoh DMS-C also announced that it’s shipping MP7083A, a new line of value-priced CD-R/RW drives. The 8x8x32x drive is $179 and will be available through the online store. In addition to the usual pre-mastering and universal disc format (UDF) packet-writing software, additional software offers features for audio, backup, and (super) Video-CD compilation.

The MP9120A combo drive package includes Prassi’s PrimoCD PlusCD mastering software, which can also create CD-DA directly from MP3 files and supports Windows MDI (Multi-Document Interface). Other software bundled with the drive includes abCD for drag-and-drop UDF packet writing and DVD-Video playback software.

Music functions include a maximum 32x digital audio extraction (DAE) speed and an S/PDIF terminal for digital-audio output. The recorder and software are also designed for CD-R duplication.

Online Store
Ricoh’s online store is now a fully interactive site featuring all Ricoh DMS-C products, including the MP7120A CD-R/RW drives and 10x CD-RW media.

“Ricoh developed its online strategy to allow us to provide our high-quality CD products at an affordable price to consumers,” said Scott Popovich, director of sales and marketing for Ricoh DMS-C. “Initial results have been phenomenal, with a sellout of our first inventory of 10x CD-RW media and the MP9060A combo drive.”

Promotions for the online store will include banner ads at multiple sites on CMP’s Techweb,,, Earthweb, and ZDNet, as well as direct e-mail to previous customers and other consumer target groups.

Ricoh DMS-C launched the new e-commerce site in conjunction with Buy-Now, a leading provider of e-commerce software and services to manufacturers. According to the company, the Web site combines user-friendly navigation and seamless integration with the Ricoh DMS-C Web site, which includes additional product specifications, product reviews, and news. Hotlinks to e-zine review sites will be added as reviews are written on next-generation products.

“BuyNow developed the site because Ricoh wanted to offer its customers the convenience and value pricing unavailable in a conventional retail setting,” said Corey Hutchison, CEO of Buy-Now. “The new online store will open up a direct sales channel to Ricoh’s customers, enabling Ricoh to learn more about the needs and interests of their key customers.”

RICOH DMS-C, an operating unit of Ricoh Corp., is a major OEM and supplier of CD-R/RW drives, optical storage products, recordable media, and software products. According to the company, Ricoh is one of the original consortium members that developed the CD-RW industry specifications, and the first manufacturer to market a CD-RW disc drive.

Source: Ricoh Disc Media and Systems Center Division, Tustin, CA, 877/RICOH-RW;

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