Information Today
Volume 17, Issue 10 • November 2000
Contentville Suspends Sales of All Canadian Dissertations Offered by Library of Canada

Contentville has announced that it has suspended sales of all Canadian dissertations filed with the National Library of Canada until the library gives the authors the option of deciding whether they want their work to be sold to the public.

In July, shortly after the launch of Contentville, the Web site learned that authors were unaware that the National Library of Canada was marketing their papers without their knowledge. According to the company, Contentville is committed to respecting the copyrights of the authors of all writings. Although Contentville believed that making the documents accessible was a beneficial service, the site was uncomfortable selling the papers to the public if the authors were unable to “opt-out” or withdraw their papers from potential sale. After much discussion, the library determined that it was not prepared to offer the writers this option, so Contentville suspended the sales of all Canadian dissertations until an appropriate opt-out program is established.

According to the announcement, Contentville is a Web site offering readers virtually every form of content, including books, e-books, magazines, screenplays, newsletters, transcripts, and dissertations. Content-ville is a partnership that includes Brill Media Holdings as general partner, and CBS, EBSCO, Ingram Book Group, Microsoft, NBC, Primedia, and James Cramer as limited partners. Brill Media Holdings also publishes Brill’s Content, the magazine that covers the media.

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Source: Contentville, New York, 212/332-6400;

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