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Volume 19, Issue 5 — May 2002
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Dialog Adds DialogLink, NewsRx Newsletters

Dialog Corp. has announced the launch of DialogLink 3.0, its telecommunications software package, and the addition of full-text newsletters produced by NewsRx, an Atlanta-based health news publisher.

DialogLink provides access to non-Web-based command-language services offered under the Dialog and DataStarT brands, including DialogClassic and DataStar Classic. According to the announcement, it's usedby online searchers (corporate librarians, knowledge specialists, and freelance information brokers) who regularly have in-depth and sophisticated information searching and management needs and prefer using command languages. DialogLink is provided by Dialog as part of a customer's annual service agreement at no additional charge. It can be downloaded from

The enhancements added to DialogLink include the ability to save and open search results in Word or other applications that accept RTF files, the option to search DataStar with a Type-Ahead buffer, and direct links to Web sites that are referenced in retrieved articles and reports. DialogLink's accounting function has also been enhanced. Costs and accounting information are captured to a standard CSV format file that can be opened in most spreadsheet applications. Customers can generate an accounting report in Microsoft Excel by selecting the menu option within DialogLink.A template in Excel allows users to load, sort, and print the accounting data.

Health Sciences Newsletters
The NewsRx newsletters, which focus primarily on pharmaceutical and biotechnology topics as well as on diagnostics and medical devices, are available for online searching and article retrieval through Dialog's information services (except DialogSelect). In addition to newly published editions of the weekly newsletters that are updated in the Dialog database concurrently with print publication, an archive of past issues dating to 1995 is also available for online searching and article retrieval.

NewsRx titles now available are AIDS Weekly, Angiogenesis Weekly, Biotech Week, Bio-Terrorism Info, Blood Weekly, Cancer Weekly, Diabetes Week, Drug Week, Gene Therapy Weekly, Genomics & Genetics Weekly, Health & Medicine Week, Hepatitis Weekly, Immunotherapy Weekly, Medical Letter on the CDC & FDA, Managed Healthcare Info, Medical Devices & Surgical Technology Week, Obesity Fitness & Wellness Week, Pain & Central Nervous System Week, Proteomics Weekly, Stem Cell Week, TB & Outbreaks Week, Vaccine Weekly, Vector & Zoonosis Week, Virus Weekly, and Women's Health Weekly.

The NewsRx newsletters are available on Dialog as File 135. The publications have been available on Dialog's DataStar™ service since September 2001 (file label: RXNS).

Source: Dialog Corp., Cary, NC, 800/3-DIALOG, 919/462-8600;

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