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Volume 19, Issue 5 May 2002
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Applied Semantics Launches Auto-Categorizer 1.1

Applied Semantics, Inc. has announced the launch of Auto-Categorizer 1.1, which features a powerful taxonomy-administration tool to enhance its content-categorization application. This product update lets users quickly import, create, and edit sets of categories within a variety of industry-standard and user-defined taxonomies, allowing enterprises to build and maintain an information hierarchy that best mirrors the knowledge hidden in their data repositories.

According to the announcement, information managers or taxonomists must sometimes gather hundreds of documents that are related to a specific category in order to attach meanings and associations to that category when using other automatic categorization technologies. Utilizing Applied Semantics' ontology-based CIRCA technology, the taxonomy administrator in Auto-Categorizer 1.1 maps concepts in a simple, direct manner without requiring the development of extensive training sets to define each of the categories.

"From the publishing to the financial services industries, today's enterprises are challenged with building and maintaining taxonomies that encompass highly specialized industry- and company-specific terminologies," said Steve Bernstein, general manager of Applied Semantics' Enterprise Solutions Division. "Auto-Categorizer 1.1 is the only solution that allows them to quickly and efficiently set up taxonomies related to their specific business objectives, resulting in a sophisticated content-categorization solution that directly meets their industry specifications without labor-intensive training sets."

Applied Semantics' customers can now directly map their terminologies to its 2-gigabyte ontology, a continuously maintained and updated knowledge base that contains millions of concepts and relationship links through Auto-Categorizer. This editing tool allows users to do the following:

  • Edit existing taxonomies and/or create new ones

  • Set up or use one or more taxonomies simultaneously

  • Map categories to the exact concepts that best represent them

  • Automatically determine concepts that are most representative of a category by submitting text or a sample document.
Applied Semantics develops software solutions that enable businesses to better organize, manage, and retrieve digital information in Web-enabled, enterprise, and e-commerce environments.According to the announcement, Applied Semantics' solutions are based on the company's CIRCA technology, which understands, organizes, and extracts knowledge from unstructured content in a way that mimics human thought and language, allowing for more effective information retrieval.

Source: Applied Semantics, Inc., Los Angeles, 310/446-8162;

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