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Volume 19, Issue 5 May 2002
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Alchemedia Releases Mirage Enterprise 3.1

Alchemedia Technologies, Inc., a provider of enterprise digital rights management software, has announced the release of Mirage Enterprise 3.1. Building on Mirage's ability to control the copying, editing, screen capturing, and forwarding of information, Mirage Enterprise 3.1 now also enables controlled and audited printing of documents to authorized printers and the revocation of documents when a pre-defined expiration date has passed.

The release of Mirage Enterprise 3.1 further provides for protection of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents, in addition to the previously protected formats (JPEG and GIF images, Adobe PDF, and HTML). Mirage helps companies controltheir intellectual property by allowing trusted users to view critical business information unimpeded while preventing the unauthorized redistribution and copying of documents.

According to the announcement, digital documents are easy to copy but the copies are hard to control. With 90 percent of information theft committed by insiders, companies need a solution to ensure that electronic documents and printed copies of these documents are controlled. In addition, government, industry, and company regulations demand that mechanisms be put into place to make sure that information is both tamper-proof and current.

Mirage ensures data confidentiality by protecting proprietary information from theft and misuse and secures data currency by preventing out-of-date information from being circulated. It provides these services through the following:

  • Enabling secure (and audited) printing of a protected document or preventing printing altogether

  • Optionally watermarking printed documents with an expiration date and/or the details of the person initiating the print

  • Preventing unauthorized document duplication

  • Rendering documents unreadable when a pre-defined expiration date has passed
The Mirage system consists of two components: The Mirage Server, which intercepts requests for documents and encrypts them before they are served, and The Mirage Client, which enables a protected document to be decrypted and then securely displayed while at the same time preventing its unauthorized copying, saving, printing, e-mailing, and screen capturing.

Source: Alchemedia Technologies, Inc., Grapevine, TX, 817/442-8552;

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