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Volume 19, Issue 5 May 2002
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Atomz Adds Support for XML Data Import, Export

Atomz Corp. has announced support for XML data import and export in Atomz Publish, its Web content management system. The data that Atomz Publish maintains for its customers can now be exported to other applications in the enterprise. Data from other repositories can be easily uploaded and imported into the system.

Used by departments and divisions of Fortune 500 companies, Atomz Publish lets anyone within an enterprise rapidly publish and update Web content. It allows the individuals who create content to expedite its delivery to Web site visitors, thereby reducing the workload for the IT and Web professionals who manage the site.

Atomz already provides an XML content repository with Atomz Publish. According to the announcement, this approach has benefited dozens of current customers by reducing the cost, complexity, and difficulty of having to maintain another database system.

Administrators who implement Atomz Publish can now import data from other XML-compliant data sources, whether within the enterprise or from a third-party data source. This feature enables users to define data schemas for importing and exporting XML data directly to Atomz Publish templates. Administrators can employ basic XML syntax to define the relationship between the Atomz Publish data and the external data source in order to create data schemas. Complete with user permissions, multistep tasks, and e-mail notification, work flow is easily configured and managed by the administrator, who can also define tasks to incorporate exporting and importing data.

Administrators who use Atomz Publish can upload templates and data schemas from their desktops. Data fields can be reordered upon either data export or import. This latest enhancement to Atomz Publish also allows administrators to convert HTML files to XML files on export and convert XML files to HTML files on import.

Because Atomz Publish is a Web-native solution, it can be implemented in a matter of days or weeks. There are no servers or software to install, maintain, or support, and Atomz provides 24/7 technical assistance. By using Atomz Publish, the enterprise's IT budget is reduced and its Web staff is unburdened, allowing them to focus on the core needs of the enterprise, according to the announcement.

Source: Atomz Corp., San Bruno, CA, 650/244-1400;

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