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Volume 18, Issue 5 — May 2001
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Factiva Unveils Latest Addition to Content-Integration Suite

Factiva has announced the availability of Factiva Track Module, a current-awareness tool that displays filtered content within an intranet or portal. Factiva Track Module allows customers to define news topics that matter most to them—such as industry, competitor, or customer topics—and distribute filtered news to employee groups that can benefit from shared views of the same information.

"The strategy behind Factiva Integration is to provide tools so that our customers can personalize and integrate Factiva's global content into any environment in which they work—intranet, portal, or CRM," said Clare Hart, Factiva's president and CEO. "Factiva Track Module raises organizational intelligence, allowing companies to do business faster and smarter by sharing relevant, targeted news and information across a whole organization."

Factiva Track Module filters global content in 12 languages from Factiva's archive, which includes Dow Jones and Reuters news wires, The Wall Street Journal, and more than 4,000 other sources from around the world.

Two editions of Factiva Track Module are available. Factiva Track Module­Standard uses an HTML format and Factiva Track Module­Custom uses XML, which allows companies to control the presentation and navigational experience within their environment.

Source: Factiva, Princeton, NJ, 609/627-2307;

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