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Volume 18, Issue 5 — May 2001
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Mondosoft Unveils MondoSearch 4.1

Mondosoft, Inc. has announced the availability of MondoSearch version 4.1, a site-search engine for large Web sites and intranets. With MondoSearch 4.1, managers of large Internet and intranet sites can extend to visitors a powerful search engine technology that enables them to see search results in relevant, pre-defined categories and in 12 different languages.

Also available as an option to MondoSearch 4.1 is a tracking module that enhances the power of the MondoSearch InSite management tool. The new module enables Webmasters to determine specifically what information users are looking for when they come to a site, what search terms they employ, and the degree of success the users achieve in their searches.

"We all know that many Web sites fail simply because users cannot easily find relevant information," said Laust Sondergaard, Mondosoft's president and CEO. "MondoSearch helps Webmasters make their sites 'sticky.' With this tracking tool, we will help unleash the raw power that has been hidden away in troves of information on intranets and large corporate or organizational Web sites."

Some of the new features in MondoSearch 4.1 include the following:

  • Full support for intranets
  • Indexing and searching of Adobe PDF files
  • Indexing and searching of Microsoft Office files
  • Split-page functionality that brings a person directly to the part of the document in which his or her search term is located
  • A tracking module that provides Web site owners with information such as what terms users searched for and whether their searches were successful
MondoSearch is a multilingual site-search engine that presents results in customizable categories by relevance, language, and file-data type complete with icons identifying the media/format and language of the file. MondoSearch also eliminates duplicate information, even that presented from different named servers. For frames-based sites, MondoSearch stores the correct frames layout of each page. Its GrabMap, a unique graphical interface, lets Webmasters select which folders should and should not be indexed—a feature that helps avoid links to pages that no longer exist and avoid the omission of important pages from results.

Pricing depends on the number of pages on the site, starting at about $150 per month for up to 200 pages for hosted applications or $800 for an individual site license.

Source: Mondosoft, Inc., New York, 212/509-2042;

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