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Volume 18, Issue 5 May 2001
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Inmagic Unveils BiblioTech PRO v2.2, DB/TextWorks v5.0

Inmagic, Inc., a developer of knowledge management and special library software, has announced the release of BiblioTech PRO version 2.2, which offers new work-flow-efficiency features for librarians and end-users. Inmagic has also announced the release of DB/TextWorks version 5.0.

BiblioTech PRO v2.2
Version 2.2 offers browser-based integrated e-mail transactions for end-users, including end-user loan requests, self-renewals, and information-request forms. For library staff, the system allows automatic e-mail to be sent (to end-users or vendors), features on-demand spell-checking, and provides the ability to receive user-submitted reference queries using an information-request form. Reference queries are then tracked as part of normal library work flow.

"Version 2.2 of BiblioTech PRO provides new levels of work-flow efficiency for the common tasks associated with library communications," said Lynda Moulton, Inmagic's director of integrated library systems. "This markedly enhances the convenience factor for end-users as they no longer need leave their desktop environments to perform these functions. At the same time, library personnel reap rich time-savings."

BiblioTech PRO is a fully integrated library system that provides users with a Web-enabled point-and-click interface. "End-user manipulation of the system is easy," said Parker Livermore, BiblioTech PRO's national account manager. "For example, those seeking to self-renew or make a loan request need only select the citations desired, click the correct option boxes, and the librarian is automatically informed."

Implemented systemwide for all modules, new e-mail options allow librarians to send and receive data, content, or messages to end-users, vendors, and others. Bibliographies can be sent from the Searching Module; claim reports can be sent from the Serials Module, etc.

Version 2.2 provides librarians with new levels of control over numerous customization features. "We've enabled a comprehensive suite of customization tools throughout the integrated Windows and Web interfaces," said Moulton. "Librarians need control over the look and feel of their end-user's experiences. Version 2.2 greatly enhances their ability to do this by allowing them to customize the fonts, colors, defaults, etc., exactly the way they want them to be."

Information-request forms let users submit reference queries via the Web to library staff, where they can be tracked and reported on throughout the life of the query. When a user makes a reference request, an e-mail is sent to library staff. Simultaneously, the query also goes into the catalog as a work-flow item. As progress is made on meeting the user's request, BiblioTech PRO's Record Update module can be utilized to update query status. At any time, BiblioTech PRO's Report module can report on work-flow history and current status.

Additional enhancements in version 2.2 include automatic spell-checking, the ability to define multiple URLs or image (documents) files for each citation, and the ability to save Web search results to a Word or text file.

DB/TextWorks v5.0
DB/TextWorks v5.0, which includes the Web publishing components DB/Text WebPublisher and WebPublisher Lite, now features relevance ranking as well as other enhancements.

"Relevance ranking allows users to spend less time searching for information," said Phillip Green, Inmagic's CEO. "It gives them the ability to sort reports so that records most similar to search criteria appear first. This creates huge savings in time and efficiency for our customers."

Graham Beastall of Soutron, Ltd., an Inmagic dealer based in the U.K., said, "Version 5.0 of DB/TextWorks gives librarians the ability to provide their users with simple and refined searching similar to that provided to users by systems costing many times that of DB/TextWorks."

Relevance ranking is not the only new feature enabled through version 5.0. While performing database maintenance activities (such as checking a database for errors), users can now simultaneously rebuild indexes when using version 5.0. This enhanced functionality allows users to perform database maintenance activities more easily, with less time expended.

The product's e-mail capabilities have also been expanded, creating easier, less time-consuming, and more powerful experiences for users. Reports sent via e-mail can now include attachments. In addition, user-defined scripts can now send e-mail without requiring parameters to be supplied by the user. This saves time and increases accuracy during repetitive e-mail tasks.

Enhanced display features let users in DB/Text WebPublisher or WebPublisher Lite review detailed and summary information at the same time. Expanded record displays can now appear in separate browser windows, giving users the option to point, click, and manipulate information with more flexibility.

DB/TextWorks v5.0 is available to those who have enrolled in Inmagic's new InmagicADVANTAGE maintenance program.

Source: Inmagic, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/229-8398;

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