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Volume 19, Issue 3 — March 2002
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Endeavor Announces New Options, Upgrades, Partnerships

Endeavor Information Systems has announced two new solutions for digital library management that build on ENCompass, its state-of-the-art digital architecture. Endeavor also announced that the 42 Voyager customers currently employing Windows NT will be upgraded to Windows 2000 Server when these libraries implement the new commercial release of Voyager 2000.1 for Windows Server. The company has also announced a new partnership with Syndetic Solutions.

Two New Solutions
Endeavor has unveiled ENCompass for Resource Access and ENCompass for Digital Collections, both of which provide virtually all academic and research libraries with an appropriate entry point to the continuum of needs that define a complete digital library solution, according to the announcement.

Commercially available since March 2001, Endeavor's complete ENCompass manages, searches, and links the varied resources of academic and research libraries, including locally digitized and commercially licensed materials. Most institutions are moving at their own pace toward the digital library, so the two new ENCompass solutions are designed to provide affordable entry points. ENCompass for Resource Access and ENCompass for Digital Collections allow libraries to solve their immediate needs, while constructing a framework for future digital projects as the resources and demands on the library grow.

Providing a unified, multi-protocol search to many resources, ENCompass for ResourceAccess offers users a single search of all of the library's licensed databases plus the OPAC. Delivering access by Z39.50, XML gateway, and http searching, ENCompass for Resource Access assures that all of the library's electronic resources are easily searchable. The structure of ENCompass for Resource Access allows libraries to organize their collections in ways that meet campus needs, and offers quick and easy setup for the library.

ENCompass for Digital Collections provides tools that allow the library to easily create and integrate local digital collections. Its flexible design ensures that a library's varied digital collections can be easily managed, yet with library-defined appropriate rights management for digital collections and objects.

Both ENCompass solutions can be used together for a full solution or independently with LinkFinderPlus, Endeavor's comprehensive linking system for all of the library's resources, regardless of the software or information vendor.

Free OS Upgrades
The operating system upgrade offers increased security for customers throughout the world. As normal maintenance for the Windows systems, it is provided as a service offered at no cost other than Voyager's annual maintenance fees and the price of the Windows license.

According to the announcement, the server system upgrade ensures the hardware of each site is compatible with current technology specifications and is positioned for the future advancement of the library's systems needs. Specifically, the Windows 2000 Server upgrades provide increased security measures, memory management, and a faster operating system for the Voyager libraries.

At the same time, these Voyager libraries will also be upgraded from Oracle 8.05 to Oracle 8.1.7. Voyager is based entirely on an open Oracle framework, providing complete integration of functionality and increased capabilities for the combination of functions throughout the library.As with the 2001 Solaris OS upgrades, Endeavor will contract with TekSystems, an Endeavor-approved and nationally recognized technical services company, for the Windows 2000 server upgrades.

Syndetic Solutions
Endeavor and Syndetic Solutions announced a partnership to provide enrichment materials through the extended services of the ENCompass integrated system for managing, searching, and linking the diverse collections of academic and research libraries. This information includes tables of contents, first chapters, reviews, synopses and annotations, author notes, cover art images, and excerpts, as well as fiction and biography headings.

According to the announcement, Syndetic Solutions was chosen as Endeavor's partner because of the rich resources it provides for the academic market, a proven track record, and quick turnaround time. Syndetic Solutions receives information from publishers on a set schedule and the information goes from receipt to delivery in a week—a strong benchmark among enrichment data suppliers. The Syndetic Solutions databases include over 2.5 million separate bibliographic enrichment data elements growing at the rate of approximately 5,000 each week.

Source: Endeavor Information Systems, Des Plaines, IL, 847/296-2200;

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