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Volume 19, Issue 3 March 2002
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divine/Faxon Library Services UnveilsEnhancements to kLibrary

divine/Faxon Library Services has announced several new components of kLibrary, its integrated Web-based service. These include a comprehensive online-renewal module, expanded security functionality, and easy access to Adobe PDF invoices and other documents online. Combined with the system's current extensive features and ease of use, these new enhancements make kLibrary an unparalleled service in the industry today, according to the announcement.

The new kLibrary renewal function allows clients to easily manipulate their renewal checklists online; mark titles for renewal or cancellation; and make all necessary quantity, fund, and other changes to the titles. Users can also send notes to their client service representative for review and record their own local notes on the system. Selected parts of the renewal lists can be e-mailed to faculty and departments for recommendations and approval. kLibrary keeps a running dollar total of the various categories of titles in process, which is instantly updated as publications are marked for renewal or non-renewal or are held for future decision. According to the announcement, this new functionality greatly streamlines the renewal and budgeting process for all kLibrary users.

Users of kLibrary can now assign various levels of security for each module; an administrator at each client site will be able to change user permissions and passwords for his or her staff. Examples of user permissions include the ability to place claims, place orders, run reports, view catalog records only, etc. These new security features allow the library to control its own systems access and make kLibrary an ideal service for use by all staff members.

Clients of divine/Faxon Library Services can view their invoices and other types of reports online in PDF via kLibrary. In addition to providing access to these important documents, this feature has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of paper that a library receives from Faxon. Clients also are now able to forward these documents and post them electronically within the organization.

"What makes kLibrary unique is that it is truly integrated and provides the user with a single interface to Faxon's full bibliographic and account information, as well as data at valuable external sources such as the Library of Congress," said Amira Aaron, Faxon's vice president of library services. "A single click from the title screen provides the user with access to dispatch data from publishers, an inventory of orderable back issues for the publications, a MARC record for the title, and much more. Our clients love using kLibrary, and I know they will be excited about this next round of important enhancements."

According to the announcement, kLibrary's easy-to-use, attractive Web interface provides clients with quick access to the current bibliographic and financial data for more than 350,000 serial, continuation, CD-ROM, and electronic journal titles available through the global divine/Faxon Library Services catalog. Clients can also review their subscriptions and order history, process claims and view claim responses, order expert management reports, review vital financial and invoice information, view valuable dispatch data and issue information, and utilize an array of bibliographic features that will enhance their cataloging and collection-development activities. kLibrary is used globally by libraries in Canada and Europe as well as in the U.S.

Source: divine/Faxon Library Services, Westwood, MA, 800/766-0039, 781/329-3350;

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