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Volume 18, Issue 3 March 2001
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TLC Unveils YouSeeMore

The Library Corporation (TLC) and CARL Corp. have announced the release of YouSeeMore, a new tool available through participating libraries that will enable patrons to build their own customized Web portal designed to provide an unparalleled, interactive, and personal library experience.

"Now, for the first time, patrons will be able to go to their own library's Web page and see not just a book listing, but also its cover, table of contents, and even reviews," said Annette Bakhtiar, CEO of TLC. "In this way, TLC's technology can transform an online event into a highly personalized and meaningful interactive experience."

To capture the full benefits of YouSeeMore, patrons can submit their preferences using a simple Web form, and in return will receive a personal portal account that delivers recommendations for books, music, and videos based on their ratings of previous selections. Those recommendations are then linked to the library catalog displaying the book jacket image, table of contents, reviews, and availability. A participating library patron's personal portal can then be accessed online anytime and from anywhere.

Those visitors who do not have library cards or who don't submit preferences may access a generic library portal streamed with news, weather, and information localized for the region or library. Bakhtiar said: "YouSeeMore is almost like having a personal librarian available to assist each and every patron. It will also help libraries create an even stronger bond with their communities."

YouSeeMore was unveiled at the recent ALA Conference and will be generally available in the spring through an annual license agreement.

Source: The Library Corporation, Inwood, WV, 800/325-7759;

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