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Volume 18, Issue 3 March 2001
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Semio Provides New Vertical Industry Templates for Content Categorization

Semio Corp., a provider of content-categorization solutions, has announced the availability of industry templates for its content-categorization product line. According to the company, these templates offer packaged, industry-specific terminology and categorization, making it faster and easier to categorize specialized content. Templates are available for the chemical, medical, legal, military, and computing industries using industry-standard classifications and thesauri. Semio plans to release templates for other industries in the near future, based on customer demand.

"Instant access to the right information in the right context is vital in fast-changing industries. But cataloging information appropriately for industries that use complex terminology, like legal or medicine, often requires subject-specific expertise," said Roger Ferguson, Semio's CEO. "Our industry templates package the industry-specific expertise we have acquired with our customers, as well as accepted thesauri in various industries, so that businesses can quickly implement custom categorization solutions."

Semio Tagger analyzes and organizes vast amounts of content from disparate sources so that users can access the right information in the right context. According to the company, the technology can be integrated easily into Web applications and portals, and is rapidly becoming the categorization solution of choice for large or specialized business portals. Semio's industry templates provide predefined, industry-specific terminology and classification, enabling a rapid implementation of the Semio solution.

Semio Tagger can be embedded directly in a Web portal or used in conjunction with Semio's viewers: Semio Map and Semio Taxonomy. Semio's customers include AT&T, Cisco, DuPont, Stanford HighWire Press, IDG, Procter & Gamble, and the U.S. Postal Service. Semio has partnerships with major portal vendors, such as Epicentric, Plumtree, and Sequoia. Semio is a venture-backed, privately held corporation.

Source: Semio Corp., San Mateo, CA, 650/638-3330;

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