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Volume17, Number 3 • March 2000
Easy Search Added to Bureau van Dijk Internet Products

Bureau van Dijk (BvD), a financial database publisher, has announced that it has introduced an Easy Search interface to its Internet-accessible company databases. BvD says Easy Search will offer a simplified search solution to help users with less demanding screening needs access information faster and easier.

“A growing variety of professionals are finding uses for Bureau van Dijk’s company databases on the Internet. By introducing the Easy Search interface, BvD can address the more basic search needs of our increasing number of non-analytical users,” said Buji Tallapragada, product manager for AMADEUS in the U.S. “Of course, we have retained our traditional Advanced Search for credit analysts, financial managers, consultants, and others who demand the sophisticated searching for which Bureau van Dijk is known.”

Bureau van Dijk’s FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy) and AMADEUS (Analyze Major Databases from European Sources) company information solutions will now default to the Easy Search. This will offer users the chance to search with any combination of company name, industry, turnover, region, and number of employees. Searchers can take advantage of both the basic and advanced functionality by clicking on the search preference they require. The Advanced Search offers all the above search criteria plus various statement items, ratios, ownership, legal form, statement filing date, and more.

According to BvD, FAME is the most comprehensive database of U.K. companies available. With over 440,000 financial statements, FAME offers access to all companies filing at Companies House in the U.K.

Information available on FAME includes detailed financial statements, ownership data, activity, manager and director names, trade description, ratios, credit score/rating, and much more. The software on FAME is the same as that on all of Bureau van Dijk’s financial information databases, offering detailed screening, charting, graphing, and analytical features.

FAME is available for subscription on DVD, CD, the Internet, and for intranets.

AMADEUS recently expanded to cover 31 countries in Europe—including Eastern Europe—and over 3 million companies. Data covered on AMADEUS includes company address, legal form, trade description, industry classification, ownership, income statement, balance sheet, pre-calculated ratios, and manager and director names. Software included on all versions of AMADEUS offers advanced searching along with peer and statistical analysis features, graphing, exporting, and user-customization of reports and formats. Subscriptions to AMADEUS are available on CD, DVD, the Internet, and for intranets.

Source: Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing, Inc., New York, 212/797-7120; Fax: 212/797-7125;

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