Information Today
Volume17, Number 3 • March 2000
DynaBase to Enable Wireless Delivery of Web Content

eBusiness Technologies, a division of Inso Corp. (, has announced that DynaBase will integrate with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) servers to enable wireless delivery of Internet content. DynaBase’s enhanced architecture will allow businesses to create and publish Web content from the same server and database that delivers content to the Internet and their intranets as well as a wide range of wireless networks and devices, such as mobile phones, pagers, two-way radios, and hand-held personal computers.

“DynaBase is both XML based and browser aware. The emergence of viable WAP servers has given us the opportunity to extend our native XML support to allow wireless delivery of Internet content,” said James Ringrose, president of eBusiness Technologies. “There is an enormous potential in the financial- and mobile-worker application markets for us to provide content-delivery capabilities that really advance the use of this new communications medium and substantially extend the reach of e-business applications.”

The number of WAP device users is expected to reach several hundred million before the end of this year. Extending DynaBase’s capabilities to manage and dynamically publish targeted content over wireless devices will allow businesses to extend their business models and reach a large, untapped market of mobile customers.

WAP applications leverage Wireless Markup Language (WML), a subset of XML that uses “tags” to identify the purpose and function of text so that the mobile device can properly display the tags to the user. Content written in XML can be automatically translated into content suitable for either HTML or WML. WML-enabled DynaBase will run on both Windows NT and Sun Solaris platforms.

Recently, Information Exchange, another division of Inso Corp., announced the creation of a new business unit to focus on opportunities in the mobile and wireless market. The Mobile and Wireless Business Unit has been formed with a charter to further advance the use of Inso’s file-viewing and -conversion technology in the wireless and mobile market by expanding its strategic partnerships with the leading wireless device and infrastructure manufacturers and through use of public standards such as WAP and WML for the exchange of business information.

Source: eBusiness Technologies, Providence, RI, 401/752-4400;

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