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Volume17, Number 3 • March 2000
Dialog and Freeserve Announce E-Commerce Alliance

The Dialog Corp. has announced that its e-commerce division has entered into an alliance with leading U.K. Internet service provider Freeserve plc to provide a co-branded version of Dialog’s OfficeShopper via the business channel of Freeserve’s Internet portal (

According to the announcement, OfficeShopper is now the exclusive supplier of office supplies and other related goods to customers of Freeserve’s Business Centre, a dedicated central resource for small and medium-sized U.K. companies. Over 40,000 products are available from a network of over 100 suppliers around the U.K. Orders are delivered the next day, with 2-hour delivery available in major metropolitan areas.

OfficeShopper’s service offers a number of cutting-edge features, such as intelligent search options and the ability to build custom catalogs tailored to a business’ specific needs. Most important to users is the ability to track, control, and authorize purchasing over the Internet, via OfficeShopper’s comprehensive “live” budget and management reporting functions.

John Pluthero, Freeserve’s CEO, said, “In joining forces with leading suppliers like OfficeShopper, Freeserve has taken its commitment a step further, offering solid business solutions to its many business customers.”

“The success of Freeserve over the past year has been phenomenal, and this must in part be due to the fact that they offer added value to specific interest groups,” said Dan Wagner, CEO of The Dialog Corp. “We are delighted to be helping Freeserve extend its offering to its many thousands of business customers, and we are committed to delivering the highest levels of usability and customer service via Freeserve’s Business Centre.”

Source: The Dialog Corp., Cary, NC, 919/462-8600; Fax: 919/468-9890;

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