Volume 17, Number 3 • March 2000
The latest in CD/DVD encyclopedias — Several of the 2000 versions are good values, but a few are not
by Péter Jacsó

CD/DVD COMMENTARIES column presents a guide to the 2000 editions of CD/DVD-ROM encyclopedias which were released between July and September of last year. Believes that there is a future for disc versions of these reference sources, especially for those who still have relatively slow modem access to the Web, and for those in countries where telecommunications are unreliable and very expensive. Notes that the CD/DVD-ROM encyclopedias also include some extras that not even users with cable access can have. Adds that the prices make these products the best deals, particularly if their rebates are factored in. Discusses the Year 2000 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, the World Book Millennium 2000 encyclopedia, the Britannica CD 2000 Deluxe Edition, the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000 line, and Compton's Encyclopedia 2000, among others.
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