Volume 17, Number 3 • March 2000
Does the AOL/Time Warner deal matter? — This mega-merger may prove to have few consequences for Internet users
by Péter Jacsó

INTERNET INSIGHTS column focuses on the AOL/Time Warner agreement and says that the merger made big news because the press loves dramatic cover pages. Reports that it is the largest corporate merger in history and that it did matter for stockholders. Notes that it will matter to some extent for the Internet, entertainment, and broadcast industries at large, but says news about the merger-induced death of the Internet is grossly exaggerated. Discusses why there will not be an impact on the scientific, technical, medical, and business information industries. Points out that AOL achieved its phenomenal growth by using very aggressive marketing technology clothed in a "we are family" mantra that appealed to Internet newbies. However, says that AOL has few assets that are not available on the rest of the Web at a cheaper cost.
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