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Volume 19, Issue 6 June 2002
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Enfish Unveils Enfish Enterprise 5.1

Enfish Corp., an enterprise software provider, has announced the delivery of Enfish Enterprise 5.1, an integrated enterprise solution that puts desktop data, corporate knowledge, and relevant information from intranets, extranets, and the Internet into context. Reportedly up to 25-percent faster than previous versions, Enfish Enterprise 5.1 features faster performance and streamlined corporatewide deployment. This can boost a company's productivity by saving time for end-users and maximize the ROI for corporate IT investments.

According to the announcement, Enfish Enterprise 5.1 provides users with meaningful and efficient access to information that's relevant to the work they're doing. It keeps users' desktops, enterprise content, and Web content organized so they don't have to waste time finding and retrieving valuable information.

Enfish Enterprise 5.1's indexing, compacting, and find capabilities have been increased to meet the needs of corporate enterprise end-users. Enfish's patented DexEngine has also been improved to scale to larger information stores across the enterprise. According to the announcement, Enfish Enterprise 5.1 can now interact with more than 10,000 public Exchange or Notes folders quickly and efficiently, allowing users to operate seamlessly in the most complex working environments.

For system administrators, Enfish products can now be distributed to end-users via machine images with Enfish Enterprise 5.1's "Enterprise Friendly" install architecture. In addition, Enfish Enterprise 5.1 is now available on BEA's WebLogic Server and JBoss, an open source application server. JBoss provides an option for customers to deploy Enfish Enterprise on a no-cost application server.

Source: Enfish Corp., Pasadena, CA, 626/660-2300;

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