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Volume 19, Issue 6 June 2002
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ActiveBuddy's Interactive Agent Technology Tested by Developers

ActiveBuddy, Inc., a provider of interactive agent technology, has announced that a group of leading-edge developers has been granted early access to its software-development tools and deployment servers. International advertising agency OgilvyOne Worldwide and the Reuters Group are among the online developers and enterprises that are currently creating and deploying interactive agents with the BuddyScript SDK (software development kit) and BuddyScript Server. These products will be released for wide distribution during the second quarter of this year.

ActiveBuddy software products enable companies to create interactive agents, which engage users in conversations and provide them with information and services over text-messaging platforms. ActiveBuddy interactive agents are applications that deliver content and services to instant message (IM) windows. Users can add themto their instant messenger buddy lists as they would any fellow IM user, then make conversational requests.

According to the announcement, the BuddyScript SDK provides everything a developer needs to build an agent. The BuddyScript Server enables a company to host an agent, making it available over virtually any text-messaging network. The same tools that ActiveBuddy is providing to outside developers were used to build and deploy SmarterChild, the company's demonstration agent, which has interacted with over 8 million IM users since its launch last summer.

Early developers include some corporations that are creating interactive agents for enterprise applications. According to the announcement, BuddyScript Server allows organizations to deploy interactive agents on public or private networks, offering employees and business partners fast, easy access to internal information and services. Natural language queries from thousands of users can be handled by one physical server, which provides query processing, message routing, access to multiple data sources, user-profile management, and formatting tailored to the end-user's messaging platform. BuddyScript Server simultaneously handles requests from multiple messaging services, both desktop- and wireless-based.

Source: ActiveBuddy, Inc., New York, 646/486-8700;

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