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Volume 19, Issue 6 June 2002
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Sonic Foundry Launches MediaSite Publisher 5.0

Sonic Foundry, Inc., a software and services provider of rich media content-creation and -management technologies, has unveiled MediaSite Publisher 5.0, a suite of software applications that provides media content integration, indexing, and search technology. MediaSite Publisher helps corporate enterprises and educational, media, and government organizations create content that enables maximum reusability and accessibility. Its modular set of tools can transform audio, video, and text assets into a dynamic medium for marketing, training, research, and other applications.

The core enabling technologies for MediaSite Publisher derive from Sonic Foundry's media-capture and -processing technologies and the recent integration of ISLIP (Integrated Speech, Language, and Image Processing), MediaSite's proprietary indexing and analysis engine.

MediaSite Publisher 5.0 is hardware-independent and features XML-export capabilities that allow other search engines to access media metadata. In addition, the suite now provides advanced security and access control, which was developed in response to increased organizational concerns about data integrity and security.

MediaSite Publisher 5.0 offers fully automated media management and work-flow capabilities for efficiently processing and distributing audio, video, text, and business documents (including e-mails, notes, and PowerPoint presentations) throughout the organization and to customers. On the user side, patented search and navigation technology provides multiple ways for media to be described, searched, and located with frame-specific precision. According to the announcement, this gives users complete control over what and how they view, while reducing search and retrieval time and increasing productivity.

Additional features of MediaSite Publisher 5.0 include video cataloging, indexing, and publishing to the Web; customizable players that dynamically display media content on demand; export/import of textual information into a metadata index; an AutoSegmentation module that lets users segment transcripts using time- and case-sensitivity as criteria; XML export that allows the reuse of media metadata by other search engines; support for industry-standard databases such as Oracle and SQL Server; and compliance with the federally mandated Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

In conjunction with MediaSite Publisher, Sonic Foundry is releasing the MediaSite Publisher Server, a server-side platform and set of applications that allow customers to build a smart, highly interactive browser-based client interface to seamlessly connect content and indexed metadata that's created by MediaSite Publisher.

Source: Sonic Foundry, Inc., Madison, WI,608/256-3133;

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