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Volume 18, Issue 6 — June 2001
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Factiva Announces New Products, Agreements

Factiva has announced the release of Factiva Select, a new current awareness tool; Andersen Business Radar; and Web Parts. The company also announced that it has entered into agreements with Hoover’s Online Europe, Ltd., the London-based subsidiary of Hoover’s, Inc., and Asian Company Profiles (ACP).

Factiva Select
Factiva Select is a filtered XML content feed that’s available through Factiva Integration, a suite of tools that can be used to integrate Factiva’s world-class news and business information into intranets, portals, and mobile devices. Factiva Select allows customers to readily integrate Factiva global content into any number of end-user applications or computing environments. In addition, customers can commingle up to 90 days of Factiva content with third-party and internal content to build a searchable, universally indexed content collection.

"Customers have been asking us for a new way of integrating our world-class content into their internal applications," said Clare Hart, Factiva’s president and CEO. "Factiva Select provides our customers with the external news they need in XML format so they can develop a flexible solution for surfacing and disseminating this information throughout their organization, no matter what computing environments they are working in."

Factiva Select subscribers gain access to more than 4,000 global, multilanguage sources from Factiva’s collection of global news and business information, which includes The Wall Street Journal; Le Monde; The Times; The South China Morning Post; and Dow Jones, Reuters, and Associated Press news wires.

Business Radar
Business Radar is a new Web-based knowledge management platform that will exclusively serve employees of Andersen, a professional-services company, and its selected worldwide customers.

Developed by Andersen and Factiva Consulting, Business Radar is a personal news portal that uses Factiva Intelligent Indexing to provide targeted content based on specific user needs. Business Radar features access to more than 1,100 sources in 11 different languages.

"Business Radar is a highly customized solution that provides the most relevant sources from Factiva’s collection of global content, organizes them with a single taxonomy, and puts all that information at the fingertips of Andersen’s global user base," said Hart. "Andersen’s investment in an efficient and comprehensive knowledge management system reaffirms their commitment to further serve their clients in today’s global economy."

Web Parts
Web Parts will deliver Factiva’s global content to users of Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server, a flexible portal solution that allows companies to find, share, and publish information.

Factiva’s global content can be integrated into SharePoint Portal Server through Factiva Search Module Web Part and Factiva Track Module Web Part, both Factiva Integration products.

SharePoint Portal Server users will have access to Factiva’s collection of up to 6,000 sources of global news and business information—including content in 12 languages—without leaving their digital-dashboard environment. The first Microsoft product to be based on the digital-dashboard framework, SharePoint Portal Server is a customizable portal framework that enables knowledge workers to view and collaborate on personal, team, corporate, and external information.

Hoover’s Online Europe
Through the Factiva eCommerce Affiliate Program (eCAP), visitors to Hoover’s Online UK ( now have access to the Dow Jones Interactive Publications Library. These users can obtain Factiva’s global news and business information and Hoover’s Company Information within a single Web site and can search more than 6,000 sources of global news and business information, including Dow Jones and Reuters news wires, and The Wall Street Journal.

Asian Company Profiles
Asian Company Profiles’ content, which includes corporate information from parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates, is now available to Factiva customers through Reuters Business Briefing.

Private and public company data from ACP is searchable by industry sector, product line, and company name. According to the announcement, knowledge workers use this data to support a number of activities, including new-business prospecting, competitor analysis, investment research, and merger-and-acquisition targeting.

Source: Factiva, Princeton, NJ, 609/627-2307;

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