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Volume 18, Issue 6 ó June 2001
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Lexis-Nexis Announces Alliance with Markmonitor

The Lexis-Nexis Group and Markmonitor have announced an alliance whereby Markmonitor will provide Lexis-Nexis customers with new services designed to protect their brands from misuse on the Internet. Lexis-Nexis will offer Markmonitorís suite of Internet brand intelligence tools and reports that identify how trademark names and identities are used on the Internet.

According to the November 28, 2000 issue of Business 2.0, e-commerce abuses alone are estimated to cost companies about $25 billion in worldwide losses every year, largely from online counterfeiting.

According to the announcement, Markmonitor is the first company to offer customers a full suite of online, real-time tools that allow them to monitor the use of brand names in both hidden and visible texts of Web sites, and in links, banner ads, message boards, and domain names. The companyís comprehensive tool kit includes SmartReports, which incorporate patent-pending trademark identification and protection technology to identify the most serious Internet brand misuse issues, such as cybersquatting, name infringement, dilution, tarnishment, and Web-traffic diversion. It also includes QuickTools, which provide real-time online protection against trademark abuse.

"Markmonitor extends Lexis-Nexisí formidable research and knowledge-management services to identify and protect brands on the Internet," said Faisal Shah, CEO of Markmonitor. "Brand names and corporate identities are essential intellectual property that companies need to protect to remain viable and competitive. Through Markmonitorís service, Lexis-Nexis customers will have access to easy, affordable technology for managing the daunting task of combing thousands of Web sites that could potentially be a problem."

Jeff Pfeifer, vice president of large law firm marketing for Lexis-Nexis, said: "Markmonitorís Internet intelligence services complement the robust arsenal of intellectual property products already available on Lexis-Nexis, including U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decisions, the Federal Register, U.S. and European patents, U.S. trademarks, [and] U.S. copyrights, as well as exclusive access to Matthew Bender authoritative treatises such as Nimmer on Copyright, Chisum on Patents, and Trademark Protection and Practice by Jerome Gilson. Markmonitorís cutting-edge technology offers our customers the security and protection they need in todayís online market."

Subscriptions to Markmonitorís suite of services were to be made available in late May.

Source: Lexis-Nexis Group, Dayton, OH, 800/227-9597, 937/865-6800;

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