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Volume 18, Issue 6 ó June 2001
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CASPR Unveils LibraryCom Version 3.2

CASPR Library Systems, Inc. has announced the release of LibraryCom version 3.2 with URL cataloging support and a new MARC cataloging service. Version 3.2 now allows the cataloging of Web sites using the industry standard 856 USMARC tags. The MARC cataloging service lets members search and download records from a MARC database with over 2 million records.

"This version is important because now a library can merge links to Web sites and other Internet sources directly into their own online collections," said Norman Kline, president and CEO of CASPR Library Systems, Inc. "A patron can see a reference to a book on a shelf right next to a link to the authorís own Web site. By using the 856 USMARC standard, we ensure that any work done in LibraryCom can easily be ported directly into any other system. Our new MARC Catalog Service is also available in version 3.2. This service provides a quick way to get a new library up and running or to enhance the records of an existing collection."

According to the company, LibraryCom was the first fully integrated library automation service offered on the Web. Users can simply access, register, create a library, and start cataloging. You can use the MARC Cataloging Service to pull records into your library, enter them by hand, or send LibraryCom your records to import. Cataloging, circulation, and online patron access are fully supported in LibraryCom. Your data is secure, backed up, and available for export upon request.

LibraryCom pricing is based on storage used and enhanced services requested. There is no charge for the basic service along with the first 10 MB of storage. Additional storage is priced at $300 per 15 MB. The MARC cataloging service is included for all online libraries. Downloading features are restricted to LibraryComís paying members.

Source: CASPR Library Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, 800/852-2777, 408/882-0600;

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