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Volume 17, Number 6 • June 2000
Maxell Releases New CD-R Products, Sample DVD-RAM Shipments

Maxell Corp. of America has announced the release of new CD-R data discs with 700-MB (80-minute) capacity and color CD-R discs in both 650- and 700-MB capacities. The company has also announced that it has shipped evaluation samples of high-capacity DVD-RAM II media to a system OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier in conjunction with drive samples from a major manufacturer.

New CD-R Products
According to the company, Maxell’s new 8x 700-MB CD-R discs are available as singles, 10-packs, and 50-piece spindles and come packaged in the company’s new slim-footprint jewel cases that are 30-percent slimmer than conventional 10-mm cases.

 “CD-R data discs have become a hot item in both retail and distributor channels and are popular for a variety of applications,” said Rich Gadomski, national marketing manager for branded computer products at Maxell. “These new additions will reinforce Maxell’s position as a premier supplier of CD-R products and will offer benefits to both merchants and end-users alike.”

The company has also introduced new color (red, blue, green) CD-R 650- and 700-MB discs to facilitate the color-coding of data. The CD-R color discs come in individual contaminant-free protective sleeves with a clear plastic front and dust-trapping back and a strong plastic case that holds nine discs for permanent storage. They are also available as single discs in Maxell’s new slim-footprint jewel case. In addition to the new introductions, Maxell has added a new 10-pack of CD-R 650-MB discs in a plastic permanent-storage case with protective sleeves and a new 20-piece spindle box.

In developing the new high-capacity DVD-RAM discs, Maxell utilized optical thermal simulation to optimize the crystallization and diffusion speed of the phase-change recording layer. The result is capacity that exceeds current DVD-RAM discs by a factor of 1.8 times and permits the recording of a 2-hour digital movie. In addition, Mark Edge Recording was employed in the phase-change recording layer production to increase pit density to 0.3 micrometer and track density to 0.60 micrometer. Maxell also used submicron-controlled mastering technology and disc substrate manufacturing to ensure high reliability, according to the announcement.

“With the increasing popularity of the Internet, the growth of digital content, and the proliferation of larger files in more and more applications, end-users will increasingly demand optical media that can handle high-capacity video, audio, and computer data,” said Gadomski. “And we have priced our DVD-RAM II at a level that is affordable and represents value for this level of capacity, reliability, and durability.”

Single-sided DVD-RAM discs can be removed from their cartridges after they’re recorded and played back in second-generation DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives.

The company expects end-user pricing to be approximately $45 for its 4.7-GB single-sided discs and $70 for its 9.4-GB double-sided DVD-RAM II discs.

Source: Maxell Corp. of America, Fair Lawn, NJ, 201/796-8790;

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