Volume 17,  Number 6 • June 2000
Multifunction CD-RW/DVD-ROM drives
by Péter Jacsó

CD/DVD COMMENTARIES column announces the availability of the MediaMaster MP9060A ($399), a unique storage device from Ricoh. Says the unit combines the functions of CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-ROM devices. Reports that it takes a single bay and uses one IDE interface port. Reviews the multiple functionality of the various devices. Compares the MediaMaster to the CD Rocket Mach 12 ($500) from Smart and Friendly; the CRW8424SZ ($300) from Yamaha; and the PlexWriter 8/4/32 ($300) from Plextor. Notes that the MP9060A has a write speed of 6X, a CD-ROM read speed of 24X, and DVD-ROM read speed of 4X. Adds that the software bundle includes DirectCD and Easy CD Creator from Adaptec and the Cinemaster MPEG2 file decoder and navigation software. Contends that the MP9060A can be found for a lower price at mwave.com. Includes one screen display.
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