Volume 17,  Number 6 • June 2000
Getting cozy with a good...e-book?
by Shirley Duglin Kennedy

INTERNET WAVES column discusses the growing popularity of e-books. Says that netLibrary is probably the leading commercial vendor of e-books partnering with libraries. Reports that Project Gutenberg has been around since 1971 and offers more that 1,000 titles in plain text format. Adds that devices made for reading e-books are available from SoftBook Press, Inc. and NuvoMedia, Inc. Discusses bibliotherapy and recommends a Webliography on the City of Clearwater's Web server. Reports that, according to Lauren Weinstein's Privacy Forum e-zine, plans are afoot to involve Internet service providers (ISPs) in monitoring Web use and sharing the information with third parties. Says Predictive Networks analyzes URL click-stream data. Mentions Web sites for The Skyrage Foundation, Garden Hose Safety, and an interview with a Search Engine. Includes three photos and one screen display.
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