Volume 17,  Number 6 • June 2000
Facts On File goes `click and mortar' — Old-media publishers can be successful in a new-media world
by Mick O'Leary

DATABASE REVIEW column discusses the continued success of "click-and-mortar" businesses that thrive both on the Web and at the local mall. Says that FACTS.com is the Web presence of Facts On File News Services. Describes the traditional news services provided by Facts On File, and how the high-quality, distinctive content lends itself to its Web strategy. Notes that its chief added Web value is an intricate system of links among the World News Digest and other databases. Adds that Reuters provides the current week's news. Cautions that the search method provides no field searching or proximity operators, and that the search results display is confusing. Mentions three other databases: Issues and Controversies, Today's Science, and The World Almanac. Concludes that FACTS.com demonstrates how an old-media publisher can move effectively into new media. Includes one sidebar.
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